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Evutec Aergo Review – Ballistic Nylon?

Need a magnetic iPhone case? Consider getting an Aergo!

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Evutec Aergo Review – A great feeling case. Is that a thing?

We’re big fans of the texture of the Evutec Aergo. The grippy sides with the textured back makes the Evutec Aergo one of the better handling cases in our arsenal of iPhone cases.

The “Aergonomic” arch makes it thicker than the average case though but that hump houses a magnet so it’s not just wasted bulk.

Evutec Aergo iPhone 7 Review TableFor our Evutec Aergo review, we’ve given this case a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. It scores higher than the average iPhone 7 case. If you were looking for a similar case with a magnet on the back, check out the iFace, the Mous case, the Mophie Force Hold and the Budu case.

Get the Evutec Aergo on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!

Design – Ballistic Nylon on a case?

When it comes to design, the Aergo looks lighter than it actually is. The bump looks like it would add weight to the iPhone but it doesn’t really. The bump does make the case thicker but since it occurs in the middle of the case, it isn’t that noticeable. We will note that the bump has been cleverly marketed as the Aergonomic Arch (did you see what Evutec did there?). The ergonicmoics of the arch is probably going to be more noticeable on the bigger iPhone 7 Plus rather than the iPhone 7.

The case fits well together though the nylon back is going to slide around easily (it’s like a top). This might be a good thing if you’re figidy. Throughout our review period, the back didn’t show any signs of excessive wear and tear though Iwed imagine the ballistic nylon might pull apart if caught on something sharp. The ridges along the edge of the case coupled with the texture from the ballistic nylon back puts the Aergo a notch above the average case in terms of texture. The Evutec Aergo might even pull us away from our current favourite, the Loopy case.


Protection – Good enough for day-to-day drops

High Edges - Evutec Aergo iPhone 7 Review

Might not work with edge to edge screen protectors

For protection, the Aergo is drop rated to Mil-Spec 810g at 4 ft. So it will protect your iPhone from texting height at most. Evutec claims that there the Aergo is a three layered case but it looks like they included the ballistic nylon as a layer in terms of protection.

With that being said, the iPhone feels solid in the case and we’re not terribly concerned about our iPhone’s breaking during day-to-day mishaps.

The edges of the case will keep the screen off a flat surface but we’re not sure how well edge to edge screen protectors will fare as the edges creep up the edges quite a bit.


Functionality – Like any other iPhone case out there

We didn’t have any issues accessing the iPhone in the case. Buttons are easy to use, the cutout is large enough for third party cables and the hump doesn’t get in the way of the camera or flash.

AFIX mounting system - Evutec Aergo iPhone 7 ReviewThe last thing we’ll talk about is the AFIX mounting system. The Aergo comes with a magnetic vent mount that attaches magnetically to the hump of the Aergo. The AFIX mount only has one orientation which limits the viewability of the iPhone in the car. For vent mounts, we personally like the iFace version of the mount since it allows you to turn the iPhone towards you.

The Aergo magnet works with any mag mount so if this is an issue for you, you can definitely swap out the default mount with a different one if you can find it.


That’s all we have for our Evutec Aergo Review for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Have questions? Please ask them below, or on our Facebook page or our About Us page. To stay up to date on everything we’re doing, check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

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