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Fantom Five Waterproof iPhone Case Review


It doesn’t get any easier to install an iPhone in the Fantom Five

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Need a casual waterproof iPhone case? The Fantom Five works best for a person who only wants a case that provides water and drop protection when they need it. The case is incredibly easy to install and is compatible with 3rd party screen protectors. Based on our review, we give this case a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5.

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Design – It’s lightweight and a breeze to install the Fantom Five iPhone case

Fantom Five iPhone 5/5S case

Torture tests for the Fantom Five iPhone 5/5S case

In terms of Weight and bulk, the Fantom Five will double the thickness of your iPhone and add approx. 1/4 to the length of the iPhone. Despite this added bulk, the case is very light. Installing the case is a breeze as all you have to do is pop the iPhone into the Fantom Five and secure the safety-latch. The case is large enough for you to use a 3rd party screen protector.

The build quality of the case is quite good and you won’t have it flying out of your hands because of the rubber edges and if it does fall, be assured that this case will protect your iPhone.


Protection – Go ahead, take your iPhone in the Fantom Five swimming!

The Fantom Five Tough iPhone case is definitely tough

We accidentally dropped our Fantom Five with an iPhone in it and the screen protector worked!

The Fantom Five is rated to be waterproof up to 10ft and will protect your iPhone from drops up to 6 ft. We have no reason to believe that this isn’t true as the case did protect our device in our water test and it didn’t come apart during our drop test.We will note that the screen protector will definitely protect your iPhone’s touchscreen as we accidentally dropped the case onto a gravel parking lot, face first, and the device survived.


Functionality – The Fantom Five doesn’t get along with sound

The lightning port is blocked by the safety latch on the Fantom Five waterproof iPhone case

You won’t be abel to access the lightning port through the Fantom Five waterproof iPhone case

The Fantom Five provides average access to your iPhone. It is not Touch ID compatible and will severely mute the sound coming from the speakers. Sound coming from the ear piece speaker was only slightly muted. You can’t access your lightning port connector and using headphones larger than your stock Apple EarPods will require you to use the headphone jack extension. Be aware that using your headphone jack extension will render the case only water resistant, not water proof.The screen protector reduces the sensitivity of the iPhone a bit but provides great clarity when viewing the touchscreen.


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