iPhone 5(s) and SE

Features of the Enerplex Surfr

A good case for all the people who need power on the go! It provides 100% extra power and can be charged using the sun. What more could you ask?

The Enerplex Surfr isn’t shockproof or waterproof but it will protect your iPHone from everyday bumps and drops. The edges of the case are far enough away that you can install a third party screen protector. The entire case has a nice rubbery texture to it so its not going to slip out of your hand easily.

Installing the case is fairly easy, all you have to do is to install the iPhone into the case and snap the top of the case onto the top.

The case will add an extra 1/2 inch to your iPhone, it will double the thickness of the iPhone and will increase the weight of your iPhone by 80%. Accessing the buttons on your iPhone is pretty simple with the case and there’s a large cutout for the camera and flash of your iPhone. Now the edges of the case are pretty high so parts of the True-Tone flash of the iPHone is going to be blocked.

Charging the case is done through a micro-usb connector and unlike some of the more popular cases, the Surfr allows you to sync your iPhone with the case installed. Headphone jacks that are larger than Apple’s EarPods will not fit with this case. As a side note, Enerplex doesn’t include a headphone jack extension to allow you to use other headphones.

The EnerPlex Surfr has a 2000mAh battery which provides an extra 100% of battery power to your iPhone. You can choose whether to charge your iPhone or not by holding down this little black button for 3 seconds. There’s 5 LEDS at the bottom of the case, the blue LEDS tell you the charge in your spare battery.

The last LED is red and is tied to the solar panel. If its red, that means the case is charging. For the solar charging, the Surfr uses a thin-film solar panel for emergency charging. This solar panel is integrated with Ascent Solar’s CIGS solar technology and from what we understand, Ascent Solar panels are flexible which allows you to drape them over different surfaces which is pretty neat.

The back of the case has the solar panel and well, it looks like a solar panel. There isn’t anything that leaps out at us but it does look different when compared to the another case with solar power charging, the Snow Lizard SLXtreme 5.

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