Features of the UNU Aero Wireless Charging Battery case

In terms of features, the UNU Aero Wireless Charging Battery case is a lightweight, fairly functional wireless battery charging case. Tt comes with a 2000 mah hour battery pack which is 150 percent of the capacity of the iPhone but on the box it only says it will provides a 100% more power than your stock iPhone which is a little odd.

The case itself is very smooth and has a bit of a glossy look to it. My initial impression of the case wasn’t very high since I thought it would be very slippery but it’s not. After using it for a while, It has a really nice feel to it. The bumper is pretty simple, it’s just a piece of plastic with a bunch of holes but the buttons seem a little flimsy. Many of the other cases that we’ve reviewed have buttons that go through the case whereas these buttons are actually attached to the case.

The inside of the back of the case is pretty nondescript. There is a lightning connector that that your phone plugs into but the entire case is charged using a micro USB port. You can still sync your iPhone with this case installed. For the headphones, you can manage to plug your stock apple headphones in larger plugs will require you to use the supplied headphone jack extender.

The back of the UNU Aero Wireless Charging Battery case is where all the action is. You have the power button, a set of led lights and and two silver dots. The led lights just tell you how much charge you have left and the power button enables you to start and stop charging using the battery pack. The battery pack took approx 4 hours to fully charge by itself, plugged into an iPhone wall adapter. The battery pack will drain itself into the iPhone in about 3-4 hours from what we saw. The case will revive a completely dead iPhone which is handy.

Now these silver dots are actually the connections to the charging plate which is how your phone gets charged. The case still needs a physical connection to the baseplate to charge and that’s accomplished through the two silver dots that are magnetic. When the case isn’t close to the charge pad, the silver dots sit recessed in the case but once it gets close, the dots pull out to attach to the baseplate.

Onto the charge pad. The entire pad is pretty simple and it’s pretty light. On the top, you have two metal plates and the in order for you to charge the case and phone, the silver dots need to be connected to one plate. You can’t put two of the silver dots on one of the silver plates. For me personally, using the UNU Aero Wireless Charging Battery case isn’t very feasible given that I use my iPhone to track my sleep patterns so the lack of friction between the case and baseplate would mean that iPhone would slide off at night rendering the sleep tracking useless.

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