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Pretty Fly for an iPhone accessory? We think so

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Today we’re going to a quick review on the FlyGrip. This is an attachment that you can get for any device to improve its 1-handed usage which also doubles as a kickstand for your device. It generally does much better than those tiny kickstands on other cases.

Now we only have a couple of these types of accessories so it’s hard to create a numeric scoring system for them but we’ll give the FlyGrip two thumbs up. If you’re looking for a way to safely use your iPhone in one-hand, do consider getting a FlyGrip. In our arsenal of iPhone cases, there’s only one other case that offers 1-handed usage which is the Loopy Case. We’ve done a quick comparison at the end of our video review which can be seen above.

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Utility – The FlyGrip is pretty damn useful

In terms of design, the FlyGrip attaches semi-permanent through an adhesive. The adhesive is strong as none of the cases or iPhone came flying off the Flygrip and the company was awesome enough to include 2 in each package. We did try to install the FlyGrip on a more flexible case like the Tech 21 Evo mesh which we would NOT recommend as the edges of the FlyGrip began to split.

FlyGrip Review - Install it on a rigid caseIn terms of utility and for this review, which we’ll define as how useful it is, I found that using the FlyGrip makes more sense for larger devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus, a iPad Mini or a iPad Air as it allows you to basically 1-hand the large device. People with smaller devices such as the 5 and 6 might not appreciate the FlyGrip as much.

Using the FlyGrip is fairly simple as all you have to do is apply a bit of pressure to the clip and it pops off. There is a satisfying click when the clip opens up as there is a magnet in the clip and the only reason why we knew that is because of a metal bracket that fell out during a removal.

FlyGrip Review - SizingThere are two sizes to each FlyGrip, a medium and large and my fingers felt the most comfortable in the large version of the case. If you have smaller fingers are think the FlyGrip’s edges are a little too sharp, you can install foam padding that (they provide) to ensure the proper fit.

During my review period, I found keeping the FlyGrip in the middle of my iPhone offered the best finger reach as I was able to cover the full screen. On my application on my Griffin Survivor Core, I kept it towards the bottom of the case which made it harder to reach the top of my iPhone screen.

FlyGrip Review - Accessory removalAgain, the utility of the FlyGrip is pretty great but there’s something you can’t do with the FlyGrip that you can do with a similar accessory, the Loopy case which I’ll elaborate in a bit.

The FlyGrip also doubles as a stand for both landscape and portrait modes which is really nice, especially for people who like to cook and stare at recipes on their iPhone’s while they do so.

Practicality – Use the FlyGrip as a stand!

FlyGrip Review - Would you add that to your iPhone?In terms of practicality, the only thing I noticed was that it does add a bit of bulk to your iPhone. You’re basically adding an awkward shape to the back of your iPhone which has been designed with all these smooth curves.

Every once in a while, the FlyGrip will snag on a pocket and release but this is a pretty small but still something that we felt was worth noting.


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