Ghostek SoDrop 2.0 Review – Let your soul drop even more!

The Ghostek SoDrop 2.0’s envelopes your mind in a wall of sound!

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Ghostek SoDrop 2.0 Review – Ghostek, our brains thanks you!

We’ve been using the Ghostek SoDrops 1.0’s for over a year now and didn’t think listening to music while we worked could be any better. But then Ghostek sent us a pair of Ghostek SoDrop 2.0’s and apparently we were wrong. SoDrops can get better!

The changes to the headphones are more quality of life upgrades rather than improvements in audio and functionality so our review of the original SoDrops is still 100% relevant. We’d strongly suggest that you watch that video as well to get the full picture of the sound quality, when compared to the entire Beats lineup. And for a $100 bucks, it’s a steal of a deal especially when compared to the Apple AirPods. We will also compare the SoDrop 2.0’s to the recently released Apple AirPods at the end of this review.

Get the Ghostek SoDrop 2.0’s now!


Ghostek SoDrop 1.0’s vs. SoDrop 2.0’s. What’s the difference?

Ghostek SoDrop 2.0 Review - Comparison vs SoDrop 1.0'sOne of the things that we’ve been really getting our fingers into lately is hammering companies on their marketing fluff. Now Ghostek’s marketing isn’t really that fluffy. Other than the explosion proof screen protectors but we think that’s more in line with their overall spy theme. Which is a little more creative than watching sparkles come off an iPhone 7 which is what Speck decided to do. Cool Spycraft stuff or Sparkles?

With the SoDrop 2.0’s, we’ve been in music nirvana for 4 weeks. Most of the nirvana comes from the improved materials along the ear cups. With the original SoDrops, I still had to give my ears a break every once in a while. It wasn’t very frequent like the P5’s I have from Bowers and Wilkins or the SkullCandy Hesh’s.

Ghostek SoDrop 2.0 Review - Quality of life improvementsFor the SoDrop 2.0’s, Aaron adjusted them a total of 5 times over a span of 4 weeks. That’s about 60 hours of music with 5 adjustments. Ghostek also claims that the headset has a better fit over your ears which also reduces the ambient noise but that was something Aaron couldn’t pick up. Agata was able to sense a difference but Aaron’s thick skull didn’t register a difference.

The last thing we’ll mention is that we wouldn’t wear these working out. Seriously, who lifts weights indoors with ear muffs on?


Ghostek SoDrop 2.0’s vs. Apple AirPods

Ghostek SoDrop 2.0 Review - Which is better? The Apple AirPods?So why would we choose the SoDrop 2.0’s over the Apple AirPods? Because the SoDrop 2.0’s sound much better. With the SoDrop 2.0’s, your mind is going to be enveloped by music. You don’t get the same feeling with the Apple AirPods.

However, if you’re one of our office mates who spend a lot of time on the phone, the call quality of the Apple AirPods is far superior than the SoDrop’s.

So really, it boils down to this question: Do you use your headphones more for music or for talking to people? If it’s for music, go with the SoDrop’s. Talking to people? Go with the Apple AirPods.


What did she say about the Ghostek SoDrop 2.0’s?

(This is our attempt at seeing things from a female perspective):

  • “SoDrops are so awesome”
  • “Ohh…the white ones!”
  • “Doesn’t look like it will mess up my hair”
  • “Looks comfortable for listening to lots of music”


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  1. Kenneth Lai

    March 1, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Which wireless headphones would you recommend for lifting weights and some crossfit workouts for a person who wears glasses? I have some over the ear headphones and after 30 mins or so, they begin to bother me by squeezing my ear against the arms of my glasses. Thanks and keep up the great videos! Would you still recommend the SoDrop?

    • Aaron Ho

      March 4, 2017 at 12:54 am

      I’ve had lots of success with the Beats 2. The Apple AirPods were bearable during my workouts as well.

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