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Griffin Survivor Strong vs. Griffin Survivor Endurance – Which one is the better iPhone case?

The Griffin Survivor Endurance is a decent case and an upgrade from previous cases. The Griffin Survivor Strong is a mediocre case. If we had to pick, we’d go with the Survivor Endurance over the Griffin Survivor Strong.

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3.4 Eh’s out 5

3.7 Eh’s out 5

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do reviews based on actual usage. We do tests and use the products for days and maybe weeks. We’ve been using Griffin cases for years and they’re generally quite tough. In fact, our first review was with a Griffin iPad case!

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Griffin Survivor Strong Review

The Griffin Survivor Strong’s overall design feels like a solid case. In fact, Strong actually feels tougher than the Griffin Survivor Endurance. But in actuality Griffin Survivor Endurance is drop rated to 10ft/3m while Griffin Survivor Strong is 7ft/2.1m.

Griffin cases are generally wider but thinner than the average iPhone case. The extra size means that Griffin iPhone cases have an extra foot of corner drop protection. In terms of fit, the iPhone sits tightly in the Griffin Survivor Strong. We donʼt feel uneasy dropping an iPhone in the case

There are two versions of the case, clear and black. If you are considering getting a Griffin Survivor Strong case, go with the black version.

The clear version of the Griffin Survivor Strong has a big aesthetic drawback. The inside of the case will actually stick to the back of the iPhone which results in unsightly rainbowing artifacts on the back the case. In general, we can visually suffer through a bit of rainbowing on the back of the case which generally happens with most clear cases. However, these artifacts are a dealbreaker in our opinion.  We’ve grown quite annoyed lately with products that make our iPhones look worse given how expensive the newest devices are.

The black ring around the camera cutout also doesnʼt look as clean as the ring “leaks” out. We are sure it will not affect any sort of performance but it looks terrible! Even the edges where the different pieces of TPU meet are a little rough. The aesthetic aspect of the case is why we say to go with the black case. The black Griffin Survivor Strong that we purchased for the iPhone 6 doesn’t have these build quality issues (you can’t see them!).

The one thing we do like about this clear case is the coating on the back of the case. It feels like there is a layer of TPU on top of the clear PC as it feels a little “gummy”. This coating will keep your back scratch free longer than something like the Otterbox Symmetry. We donʼt see this kind of coating very often but we know for a fact that the Mous Clarity has something similar.

Griffin has included some sort of design along the inside edge of the case. And like most iPhone cases, we’re assuming it provides extra protection for the iPhone (air pockets?).

When it comes to functionality, the only issue we had was the tough to use buttons. Sure, itʼs only one problem out of seven features that we rate but spending 30 dollars to make your iPhone tougher to use is a bit counterproductive, don’t you think?

However, everything else works as needed. The mute switch is accessible, the cutoutʼs at the bottom are big enough for whatever cable you want to use, Qi-charging works and there are no issues with the camera and flash..

When it comes to protection, the Griffin Survivor Strong is drop-rated to 7 ft.  However, Griffin cases are a little odd because most will say either 2m and 6.6ft but Griffin decided that having a rounded number for the ft was better than the decimal point on the m.

Griffin cases are wider than the average case so weʼd say that Griffin could back up that claim.

Griffin Survivor Endurance Review

Griffin Survivor Endurance is one of Griffinʼs newer cases. The Survivor Endurance has been around for a few years but this is actually the first weʼve come across the Griffin Survivor Endurance. The most standout feature of the Griffin Survivor Endurance for us is the texture of the case.

From a size perspective, the Griffin Survivor Endurance is approximately the same size as the Griffin Survivor Strong.

The build quality of the Griffin Survivor Endurance is much better than the Griffin Survivor Strong. Everything fits together incredibly well as nothing looks like itʼs “leaking out” like on the Griffin Survivor Strong. The different layers of the case fuse together quite well.

The texture of the edge is top notch as the matte finish provides a decent amount of grip without resorting to the “gummy” feeling of normal clear TPU. We wish all cases had this type of finish on it. However, we were a little bummed that this matte finish wasn’t used more in the back of the Griffin Survivor Endurance.  

The shape of the middle of the case is also slightly recessed which adds to the overall handling of the iPhone in the case. This makes the iPhone in the Griffin Survivor Endurance easier to pick up off a flat surface.

When it comes to iPhone access, the only issue we had was with the buttons. Like the Griffin Survivor Strong, the buttons suck the joy out of using your iPhone. These buttons are a difference maker when it comes to our scoring system. If the buttons weren’t half as tough, the Griffin Survivor Endurance would be in our Top 10 list of clear iPhone cases. Also, we personally don’t get why we need to spend money on a product that makes the iPhone that much harder to use.

However, everything else is easily accessible. Like the Griffin Survivor Strong.

Overall, we like the Griffin Survivor Endurance. We “wish” we could say it was a good case to use however the buttons are just awful. If this material and design is indicative of what Griffinʼs planning in the near future, get ready to spend a bit more money.

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