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Griffin Survivor Tactical Case Review – Apple Watch


The Survivor Tactical Case is designed differently but takes away from the sleekness of the Apple watch

You should only get the Griffin Survivor Tactical Case if you have arms that tend to hit things while you walk. This Apple Watch case provides great protection from the occasional bump and strike against a wall but will take away from the sleek design of the Apple Watch.

For our Griffin Survivor Tactical Case Review, we’ve given it a score of 3.4 Eh’s out of 5. This Apple Watch accessory doesn’t do as well as the Spigen Tough Armor but is a tad better than the Actionproof Bumper. If you’re wondering about other Apple Watch accessories, check out our comparison tool!

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 Griffin Survivor Tactical Case
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$29.99 USD

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- Unique protection for the Digital Crown
- Takes away from the design of the Apple Watch
- Will come off if caught on clothes
- Screen protector is hard to keep clean
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
- None
Overall Rating
Overall Score
FitFit (4/5):
- Fits the Apple Watch well
- No issues with sweat/dust
LooksLook (1.5/5):
- Takes away from the Apple Watch
- Blocky
ProtectionProtection (5/5):
- Covers the entire Apple Watch
PracticalityPracticality (3.5/5):
- Screen protector takes away from the screen
- Screen protector makes the Apple Watch a little harder to use
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Design – It fits well and doesn’t come off easily

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case Review - Apple Watch

The most noticeable feature of the Griffin Survivor Tactical Case for the Apple Watch is the design of the case and the digital crown.

From our time with this accessory, we didn’t notice it come off too often but if an edge gets caught on the edge of your jean pockets, it will pop off. This accessory is a little too blocky for our taste as we feel it takes away from the rounded design of the Apple Watch by making it “blocky”.

The screen protector also gets dirty and is hard to clean because of the raised edges.


Protection – Full coverage protection plus more!

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case Review - Apple Watch - Digital Crown Protection

The Griffin Survivor Tactical provides full coverage protection plus addition protection for the digital crown. The crown is almost fully covered from the front which means it can only be accessed from below the case which isn’t hard to get use to but you do have to change how you interact with your Apple Watch.


Practicality – Great for protection, not great for the Apple Watch

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case Review - Apple Watch - Design

How practical is Griffin’s Apple Watch case? If you’re getting it for protection, then its very practical but from our daily usage, we’d stay away from this product. The cover on the digital crown makes it tad more difficult to use, the screen protector gets dirty and is hard to clean, and as we mentioned earlier, it looks “blocky.”

For the most part, all the value that the Griffin Survivor Tactical adds to the Apple Watch isn’t worth much to the overall Apple Watch experience.

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