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HitCase Pro iPhone 7 Review – The best one yet!

We love how HitCase keeps making their iPhone cases better year

Get the HitCase Pro on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!



HitCase Pro iPhone 7 Review – The best one yet!

The iPhone has changed how we view and document our lives. Sure the iPhone gets tougher every year but it’s still made from metal and glass which means it will bend and break.

Add to the fact that a brand new iPhone costs an arm and a leg, we tend to baby our devices which means we can’t capture the more exciting parts of our lives. That’s were the HitCase Pro comes in.

This version of the HitCase pro is made from aluminum rather than plastic. The new version is easy to install which is unlike previous versions with their hard to use latches.

Is it as tough as the previous versions? On paper, the HitCase Pro is waterproof up to 33ft or 10m and drop-rated to 16ft or 5m. Is it really that tough? You’ll find out soon enough.

HitCase Pro Review Table for the iPhone 7For our HitCase Pro review for the iPhone 7, we’ve given this case a score of 4.5 Eh’s out of 5. It would score higher but the HitCase Pro is a tank of a case. If you’re wondering what other waterproof cases we’ve reviewed, check out our comparison tool.

What stands out for us is the fact that you can easily access your iPhone in the case. Most of these tougher waterproof cases like the Optrix XD6 and ProShot cases make it quite difficult to use your iPhone outside of your action shots but not the new HitCase Pro. So go ahead. Leave all your other cases at home when you go on vacation and just bring your HitCase pro.

Get the HitCase Pro on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!

Design – The re-design is top notch

HitCase Pro iPhone 7 ReviewThe design of the HitCase Pro for the iPhone 7 is much different than the design for the older versions. The new Pro is essentially a beefier HitCase Shield. The iPhone is cradled in rubber liner inside an aluminum frame. Installing the iPhone is a simple as putting the iPhone in the frame and snapping on the “super secret” Shock Seal (that’s what HitCase calls it). This quick install/removal ability is quite useful and we’ll explain why in a bit.

Shock Seal - HitCase Pro iPhone 7 ReviewThe new HitCase Pro is a tank of a case and is one of the thickest and widest cases we’ve come across. Despite the bulk, it isn’t an awkward case to use because it’s just a big, regular looking iPhone case. This is a big difference when compared to the ProShot with it’s giant clamps and pocket catching mounting area. On the HitCase Pro, the most awkward thing is the tiny mount which is removable if you really wanted to.

The HitCase Pro fits well together and unlike the Ghostek Atomic 3, the screen protector sits flush against the iPhone’s screen. There is no noticeable gap between the screen protector and the iPhone’s screen which is awesome.

The back of the case is quite slick so it will slide around easily but the shock seal is large enough for your fingers to latch onto. One of the downsides of the aluminum bumper is the fact that drops are going to scuff the case.


Protection – Tank like protection for your iPhone

Like a tank - Hitcase Pro iPhone 7 ReviewWhen it comes to protection, the HitCase Pro is waterproof up to 33ft or 10m and drop-rated to 16 ft or 5m. The 33ft water protection isn’t new as the iPhone 6 version was waterproof up to that depth but the drop-protection has more than doubled from the previous version.

The biggest question in our mind was the “super secret” Shock Seal. Will it stay on under extreme conditions? It’s hard to describe all the awful things we did to our iPhone in the HitCase Pro but we definitely answer the following questions in our video:

  • Will the Shock Seal stay on after 3 drops?
  • Will the Shock Seal protect the iPhone from a 12 ft face first drop?
  • Will the HitCase Pro stay waterproof from a 10ft drop into water?
  • Will the HitCase Pro keep water out when sprayed with a hose?

There were three “Yes’s” and one “No”. You’re going to need to watch the video to find out which test failed.


Functionality – Best access out of all the super tough iPhone cases we’ve used

Waterproof without external lens - HitCase Pro iPhone 7 ReviewAccessing your iPhone 7 in the HitCase Pro is awesome. It’s still hard for us to believe that it’s an HitCase Pro. The buttons on the case are exceptionally easy to use, the port cutout doesn’t work with all 3rd party cables and the camera and flash are still accessible.

One of the best design changes that HitCase did with the iPhone 7 version of their case was make the it waterproofs even without a lens. Every other waterproof case that comes with a removable lens needs a lens installed to be waterproof which makes it hard to use when you’re not close to water.

Sound coming from the iPhone in the HitCase Pro is quite bearable though you’ll notice a drop in call quality ever once in a while. The HitCase Pro scores a little lower than the current king of sound for waterproof cases, the LifeProof Fre. Even if you’re having problems with call quality, you can easily take the Shock Seal off. Something you can’t do easily with any LifeProof case.

SlidR Mount - HitCase Pro iPhone 7 ReviewThe last thing we’ll talk about is the Slidr Mount. The general design of the mounting system has changed but the aluminum mount is a lot smother to use than the old plastic ones. The smoother action of the mount system is noticeable when you’re un-mounting the HitCase Pro from a ChestR or ShootR pole.

HitCase’s mounting system is awesome. If you’ve been watching our videos for a while, you’ll know that we’ve put my iPhone’s in some precarious positions. Check out the review video for a collage of all the places we’ve used our HitCase Pro’s.


That’s all we have for our HitCase Pro iPhone 7 Review. Have questions? Please ask them below, or on our Facebook page or our About Us page. To stay up to date on everything we’re doing, check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

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1 Comment

  1. Ned

    October 7, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Ultimately, this case is slim, light and good looking, but that all seems to come at a price; a price of quality of the plastic backing. The outside edges are protected by a aluminium bumper, which is great, but the back cover is a thin lexan. After 3 months of use, this case is no longer water proof after drops on a variety of terrains has pierced the case. I wish I bought the lifeproof instead, these cases aren’t durable enough for someone that works in harsh environments.

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