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HitCase Pro Review – iPhone Cases

The HitCase Pro, is an incredibly versatile iPhone Action Camera case. Based on our usage, we give the HitCase Pro a score of 4 eh’s out of 5. We’ve done a lot to this case. We’ve strapped it to Monty, we’ve taken it into the ocean several times, strapped it to a car in a blizzard and dropped it on concrete. The HitCase Pro will protect your iPhone.

There are other cases that are tougher than the HitCase but we haven’t come a cross a case that provides more functionality than the HitCase. Between the case, the Vidometer App and the GoPro compatible mounts, the HitCase Pro will allow you to both capture footage with speed/location overlays on almost any surface.

The only drawback for this case is the weight/bulk that it adds to the iPhone but in the grand scheme of things, this should NOT be a concern since the HitCase Pro is meant to out where ever the action is.

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