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HitCase Pro vs. Optrix XD6 vs. ProShot – Waterproof iPhone 6(s) case comparison

HitCase Pro vs. Optrix XD6 vs. ProShot – Which case is the best?

The HitCase Pro, Optrix XD 6 and ProShot case are three of the best waterproof cases out there. For anything related to vacationing or spending lots of time by the beach or in a lake, these three cases outperform generic waterproof cases such as the LifeProof Fre.

We’ve spent many hours with these cases, with the HitCase Pro and Optrix XD6 being used to shoot snorkelling footage out in the Pacific Ocean whereas the ProShot captured the shenangins during a lake vacation. After using the case, we’ve spend even more hours ranking and reviewing each case and here’s what we’ve come up with:

HitCase Pro vs Optrix XD6 vs ProShot Case

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The score doesn’t reflect it but in our calculation, the ProShot scored 3.94 Eh’s out of 5 whereas the Optrix XD6 was 3.89 Eh’s. The ProShot wins by a very slim margin, BUT that doesn’t mean the HitCase Pro isn’t any good.

We believe that each has it’s own merits and depending on what you do, one case will perform better than the other. More below.


HitCase Pro – Decent for a water vacation but way better above land

The HitCase Pro is a slightly more complicated case when it comes to installing your iPhone into the case but unlike the Optrix XD6 and ProShot, you can still use your iPhone decently without needing to remove the iPhone. The Railslide mounting system makes it incredibly easy for you to move between GoPro mounts. If you need to know more, check out our full review.

Hitcase Pro Review - iPhone 6 - Exterior Car Mount

When you should get this case: Get the HitCase Pro for anything related to filming awesome things while above land/above water. The waterproofing of the case is a little more complicated than the other two cases as you need to keep an eye out on the multiple latches and edges of the case.

The RailSlide mounting system works incredibly well. It makes it easy to switch between mounts without having to unscrew the entire case. For anything requiring an iPhone to be mounted onto a moving object, we’re going to do it with a HitCase Pro.

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Optrix XD6 – A great case for the beach with the occasional dip in the water

The Optrix XD6 has the same water protection as the HitCase Pro at 33ft but can’t be used for scuba diving. The Optrix XD6 will provide you with a higher level of flexibility than the HitCase and ProShot because you can easily remove your iPhone from the case but still have a bit of protection for the device. Check out the full review here.

The iPhone sits in a sled that easily slides out of the case when you’re done being awesome during the day and need to be able to take your iPhone out during the night. The Optrix XD6 allows you to use an iPhone with a screen protector which is nice.

Optrix XD6 Review - Screen Protector Compatible - iPhone 6 Waterproof cases

When you should get this case: Get the Optrix XD6 if you’re planning on spending a vacation at the beach/lake and you plan on doing some other types of sightseeing at night. The modularity of the case makes it incredibly easy to swap between maximum protection and slim usability.

You’ll be more comfortable with waterproofing of the case over the HitCase as there is only one seal and one latch to deal with and its easy to see if the seal needs cleaning.

One of the downsides of the XD6 is the inability to use GoPro accessories. If you need a chest strap or shooter pole, you need to get a particular Optrix mount. This might be an issue (and is annoying) if you’re looking for accessory while on vacation as most shops will have GoPro compatible accessories but few (if not any) will have Optrix accessories.

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ProShot – Planning on spending hours in the water?

The ProShot is the BEST waterproof iPhone 6(s) case for water-based vacations. First off, it is the only case that we’ve reviewed that is waterproof up to 100ft which means that you can finally take your iPhone scuba diving. Check out all the details here.

However, the ProShot offers the least amount of accessibility to your iPhone. The only buttons you can access are the volume buttons on the case as the ProShot covers up the sleep button, the mute switch as well as the ports.

ProShot Case Review - Polycarbonate Case - Waterproof iPhone 6s cases

It’s like a clear coffin for you iPhone…

When should you get this case: We’ve already said it above: Get this case if you’re spending lots of time in the water. Why? Because the ProShot, coupled with their app, ensures that you will not lose any footage due to accidents.

We’ve lost hours of water footage because the iPhone doesn’t properly record video footage. We’re guessing this occurs because as the iPhone slips above/below the surface of the water, the capacitive touchscreen registers the moving water which sometimes stops recording or changes the focus.

The ProShot app allows you to start/stop video footage using the top volume button and switch between shooting modes using the lower volume button. This simplifies the capture process and ensures that you have to deal with trying to use the iPhone while treading water in the middle of a lake/ocean.

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