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HitCase Snap Review – iPhone 6(s+) camera cases

The Snap is one of the better cases for iPhone videography. Swapping/storing lenses is absolutley painless


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HitCase Snap Review – Go ahead, put your iPhone in uncomfortable places

Today we’re going to do a review on the Hitcase Snap for the iPhone 6(s+). This is one of the most versatile camera cases that we’ve come across because it lets you take your iPhone, relatively safely, everywhere. The actual case by itself is quite average but HitCase does a great job of allowing you to integrate the iPhone camera case with other accessories. This is a great case for a videographer as there are a couple of issues with still photography that might be a deal breaker.

For our HitCase Snap Review, we’ve given this case a score of 3.5 Eh’s out of 5. We’re a little harder on camera cases so don’t compare a non-camera case score to the HitCase Snap because they are not the same. If you wondering what else we’ve reviewed of HitCase, check out our review for their HitCase Pro and if you’re looking for other camera cases, check out every camera case that we’ve reviewed here!

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The Snap – Fits ok but the sleep button…

HitCase Snap Review - iPhone 6 Camera cases - Railslide Mount System

In terms of design, the actual case is a little slick and bigger, than the average iPhone case. The glossy back will scratch a little easier than other cases. The camera area has what HitCase call’s, a BladeMount which makes mounting their TrueLux lenses very easy. One of the edges of the case has a potrusion called a Railslide which is used to mount it the TilTr mount.

From a protection standpoint, the lips of the case are quite shallow so a screen protector is a definite must. We will note that edge to edge screen protectors will not work with this case. The case fits tightly together so dust and debris will not be an issue which is important if you’re going to do awesome things with it.

From a handling perspective, the rubber edges to add a bit of texture to compensate for the slick back. We do have a gripe with the sleep buttons on the case as it is tough to press. If this was a normal case, that would be the deal breaker but since this is a camera case, the tough button is a mere annoyance.


Lens quality – Not the best but managing the lenses is awesome!

HitCase Snap Review - Keychain carrier

Included with the Hitcase Snap is a Wide angle lens that is stored on a keychain. Which has a bottle opener on it.. Attaching the lens is as simple as taking the lens out of the rubber covers and screwing it onto the Blade Mount.

From a day-to-day practicality standpoint, HitCase’s lens setup is the easiest to use as its better than the bag that Moment lens gives you and the multitude of lens caps the Snap! Pro has and the the neck strap for the OlloClip. The only that might come close would be the Ztylus Prime carrier but those lenses are much larger.

HitCase Snap Review - TrueLux Wide Angle Lens Vs Moment LensHow about the lens quality? The field of view of the included TrueLux wide lens does allow you to see more but the distortion along the edges is higher than other wide angle lens from Ztylus and Moment lens’. With photos taken inside, you’ll see that the Snap’s wide angle lens doesn’t do a good job of minimizing the distortion when compared to photos taken using the Ztylus Prime or the Moment Lens.

HitCase Snap Review - TrueLux Wide Angle Lens Vs Zytlus Prime


TiltR Mount and ShootR pole – How far can you take the iPhone

HitCase Snap Review - iPhone 6 Camera cases - ShootR PoleOnto the Railslide Mounting system. Included with the Snap is a TilTr Tripod mount which allows you to attach the Snap to any tripod. A lot of the slo-motion drop test portion of my reviews are filmed using the Snap as its easy for me to setup the iPhone. With the snap, I know the device is going to be secure. My only gripe with this mounting system is that the Snap isn’t as rigid as the Pro so it has a bit more give when in the Railslide.

One of the best parts about any HitCase product is the compatibility with Go Pro mounts. The Snap is no different so if wearing your iPhone on your head is something you need to do, then you’l be able to do it easily this HitCase Product.

The last thing we will talk about is the ShooTR pole. It isn’t the longest self pole out there but it will make your wide angle shots a little more epic. The Pole is collapsible, has a wrist strap to prevent accidental drops and has a foam handle to ensure a decent grip.

Seeing if my iPhone comes flying out of the HitCase snap if I twirl it really fast #MReh #reviews #iphoneography #iphoneonly

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The ability to mount it and use it safely in a variety of different positions is why we say the Snap is more of a videographer case than an photographer case. The Lens quality isn’t as good as others but when you’re shooting video, that’s not going to matter as much.


Again, for our HitCase Snap Review, we gave this iPhone camera case a score of 3.5 Eh’s out of 5. Have questions? Please ask them on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page.

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1 Comment

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    August 13, 2016 at 3:20 am

    Can you recommend a screen protector that works well with this case?

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