The IN1Case Multi-tool phone case – Your iPhone’s best friend


Make your iPhone case count – The IN1Case is great for all those times something annoying happens to you.

[toggle title=”Watch the IN1Case Review on YouTube”][/toggle] The iPhone is a great tool. Anything that you want to know or to do online is there at your fingertips. However, there are things in life that can’t be solved with the iPhone such as:

  • Food stuck in your teeth
  • Maintaining your unibrow
  • Writing on paper

For these things, you need a Swiss Army Knife OR a In1Case. The IN1Case Multi-tool phone case is essentially the perfect multi-tool phone case for the iPHone. With tis case and your iPhone, you’re ready for anything that world throws at you, like cutting small pieces of paper while being able to use Google..

The best part of this case is just how useful it is for those odd times when you need that little tool to make your life easier. If you’re looking to add a bit of protection to your iPhone and some real-life functionality, the IN1Case might be for you. Also, it feels nice.

What’s a downside? Well, you might have a bit of trouble with your screen protector.
and if we’re really being picky that nice texture will rub off along the edges.

We covered the IN1Case Multi-tool phone case in one of our Odd case reviews earlier in the year and In1Case was kind enough to send one to us for review so we’re going to give this case away. Here’s how to enter the draw:

[box title=”How to win the IN1Case” align=”center”]1. Like us on Facebook
2. Goto this post and tell us when you could have used the IN1Case
3. Winner announced September 17th.[/box]

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Design – The IN1Case is simple and effective

This iPhone 5 tool case is pretty simple. It will almost double the thickness of your iPhone but doesn’t add a lot of weight to your iPhone since the majority of the case is hollow. Installing the case is a quite easy but uninstalling the case requires a bit more effort.

The case is made from a hard plastic that has a soft-rubbery texture to it which is nice. All the different tools are slotted into the case and sit flush against the back of the case. There are little notches that allow you to easily pull the tools out.

Protection – It will stop your iPhone screen from being shattered on a corner drop. That’s about it

The IN1Case Multi-Tool Phone case will provide enough protection to prevent your iPhone screen from shattering if it was dropped on its corner. In terms of screen protection, this case has a fairly high edge that doesn’t get in the way of the case but the Dog & Bone impact screen protector started to come off the iPhone screen due to the pressure from the edge of the case. You won’t have this problem if you have a screen protector that is much sticker and flexible than the one we used.


Functionality – Wow. It’s actually really good

This is where the iPhone toolkit case shines. It doesn’t get in the way of accessing your iPhone and or your iPhones touchscreen. The little tools that come with the In1Case are quite useful but I’ll be honest with you, the only tool I used during my review period was the toothpick. My bike did suffer a flat tire but the In1Case couldn’t do anything to help with that.

I’m a big fan of this case because it allows you to be much more prepared in life. Knowing that you’ve got handy little tools is quite comforting. In fact, I think a case like this is probably more useful than a waterproof/shockproof case on a day-to-day basis because of the potential of solving something that could be potentially REALLY annoying. Like not being able to file your nails on the go.

And IN1Case understands this because they’ve got the best descriptions for he tools in the IN1Case Multi-Tool Phone Case.

  • 2 precision screwdrivers – You will instantly become the best friend of anyone with glasses
  • 2 ball point pens – Perfect for writing down your number when the girl or guy across the bar notices you fixing a pair of glasses with your teeny tiny screw drivers
  • A Nail file – for tidying up your fingernails before the big date with the person you met at the bar
  • A pair of tweezers – Great for when your new partner gets a splinter from their crappy bamboo phone case
  • A set of scissors – Good for opening a packet of crisps without damaging your newly manicured fingernails
  • A kick stand – So you can both watch Sleepless in Seattle together under the stars


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1 Comment

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