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iPhone 6(s+)

Incipio NGP Review – iPhone 6


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NOT the best iPhone 6 case

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Incipio NGP Review - iPhone 6


Incipio NGP – An over-rated iPhone case

This is a $20 TPU case that is commonly known as the top iPhone case for the 6. In my opinion, its not. The NGP is a fairly soft case that wraps around your iPhone that wears well but despite what Incipio says, this case is not easy to grip especially when compared to other Incipio cases but compared to other iPhone cases its a steal at 20 bucks.

For our iLoome ScreenMate Max review, we’ve given it a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. In our opinion, this case is pretty close to the Tech 21 Evo Mesh and the Speck CandyShell and doesn’t come close to our favourites, the Rhinoshield CrashGuard and Thule Atmos X3. If you’re looking for other iPhone case options, check out our comparison tool!

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Design – Light but slick

Incipio NGP Review - iPhone 6

In terms of design, the NGP is a fairly slim case though its not as slim as an Element Ion but thinner Incipio’s own DualPro, Phenom and Octane. The case is quite light and won’t add much weight to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. In terms of build quality, we were impressed with how scratch resistant the case was and according to Incipio, the material used in the NGP doesn’t stretch over time.

We do have to mention that one of our viewers, Jennifer Morse mentioned that the case may change color as her NGP turned black on some areas when she used it in a black lined purse. This issue isn’t NGP specific as the DualPro also has a tendency to change color.

The only grip that we had for the Incipio NGP in terms of build quality is that the texture of the case feels a little too slick especially when compared to other Incipio cases. The NGP is the least “gripiest” iPhone case between the Incipio DualPro, Phenom and Octane.


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