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Incipio Phenom Review – iPhone 6


Is this iPhone case Phenomenal or a Phenomenon? Find out in our Incipio Phenom Review for the iPhone 6

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We’ve reviewed three Incipio cases up to date, the DualPro, Octane and the Phenom and we have to say, the Phenom is the lowest rated case out of the three. We’re not big fans of the design of the case and it would score higher if this iPhone case would let us use the power button on our iPhone.

Some of the better features of this iPhone 6 only case include include larger than average edges that don’t get in the way of accessing your iPhone. The Incipio Phenom is also one of the few cases that offers triple-layer protection (but only provides the same level of protection as Incipio’s dual layer cases). Despite that, the case does feel well built.

Based on our time with this case, we gave it a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. This case does better than a Otterbox Commuter, is on the same level as the Otterbox Symmetry and Speck CandyShell but doesn’t do as well as Incipios own DualPro and Octane.

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Design – It feels big.

In terms of weight and bulk, the Incipio is a larger case, being thicker than the Incipio DualPro and Tech 21 Classic shell but not as thick as the Otterobx Symmetry. This case will more than double the thickness of your iPhone.

Installing the case is pretty simple, you just push it in, same with talking it apart and it does fit the iPhone really well. The three layers of dLast, Plextonium and Flex20 all work and as a side note, Incipio has the best names for their products. Phenom, Octane, Plextonium, dLast, Flex20?

We did knock the case down a bit in terms of build quality as the case does scratch a little easier than other cases. Especially when compared to other Incipio cases which is surprising since the Incipio DualPro (a very scratch resistant case) is made from the same materials.


Protection – This case is actually drop rated which is nice for a change

In terms of protection, it’s drop rated as you will in our review video and the edges sit far enough away from the curve of the iPhone that you can easily use a screen protector with the case. Because of the tight fit, dust and debris aren’t going to creep into your case like other multi-layer cases such as the Ballistic Tough Jacket.


Functionality – Like a naked iPhone 6

In terms of accessing your iPhone, our case seems to have a defect as the power button on the case is pretty hard to get to and it totally numbs the tactile response of the button. You can’t feel the click.

The case is pretty slick as well so it will slip out of your hand a little easier than other cases. The cutouts at the bottom of the case will allow you to use slightly larger than average headphones and lightning cables that are quite larger than the stock Apple cable.

In terms of screen functionality, we’re big fans of the edges as they’re quite deep but they don’t jut out like some other cases such as the Speck CandyShell and the texture of the edges is quite nice.


In our video for the Incipio Phenom Review, we compared the case to a couple of other Incipio cases. First of all, We’re quite impressed with Incipio as our experience with the iPhone 5 versions of cases was sub-par but these iPhone 6 cases are pretty awesome. Out of the three, the DualPro, Octane and Phenom, we personally like the DualPro even though the Octane is rated higher. The DualPro feels solid, fits really well and looks pretty awesome. The only difference the Octane has is that it is the thinnest of the three but we’re a little put off by the cheapness of the case.

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  1. Doobie

    November 21, 2014 at 2:33 am

    The phenom Had the same buttons problem in the 5s, it was the worst case i had, you just expect better quality from incipio… I was a big fan of the NGP when i had the 5s , even though he is not drop tested… I can say he fell down from 1.8 meters so i’m waiting for ngp or octane to arrived next weeks… I also recommend dust plugs for the lightning and earphone jack, its just 2$ and it help to keep away lots of troubles from your iphone/ipad

  2. Natalie

    December 29, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Just watched the video review, and you commented on the material of the case feeling nice. I felt the same way about it, and was wondering if you can suggest other cases with a similar feel to them that might be a little higher rated? Thanks!

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