What’s NEW in iOS 8s Camera App?

So today we’re going to go over some of the new features of iOS 8s camera app. Now I’m in a state of meh, when it comes to these new features since they’re not nothing ground breaking but since the camera app is probably one of the most used apps around, it’s a good thing that it’s getting updated.

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Now for this preview, I’m using the camera app on a beta version of IOS 8 so it’s still mildly buggy but since it’s beta, I’m not going to harp on it. The three features that I’ve taken note of with the camera app and they are Time-Lapse video, independent AE and AF lock and a timer.

The option to film time-lapse video is found by swiping all the way to the left in the camera app. There isn’t much information about the time-lapse functionality, so I don’t know what the intervals are but that’s something I’m going to figure out in the next few days.

I’m not sure how useful this option is since time-lapse photography usually means setting up a camera in a stationary location and since it’s my iPhone, I’m not sure how comfortably I would be just leaving my iPhone around.

iOS 8s camera app has been updated with an independent AE and AF locks. In iOS 7, you could only lock both but with iOS 8, you can set your focus and control your exposure independently. To access our AE and AF lock, press and hold the area of interest in the app, wait for it to pulse and which does the AF and then drag the little sun-thing to adjust the AE. You can use the AE and AF in all modes of photos and videos.

Now the last thing is the addition of a timer which allows you to set it at 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Once you take your photo, your True Tone flash blinds you for 3 to 10 seconds and then the camera app proceeds to take 11 photos but only 1 shows up in the camera roll so I’m assuming iOS 8 does something with the 11 photos.

For me, I’m pretty excited about the AE/AF lock. I try to be a bit creative with my photos so with my DSLR, I tend to over-expose the background in some photos to really bring attention to the subject. It’s hard to do that without an AE lock so with iOS 8, it gives me that tool right within the app.

Now in my opinion, this update to iOS 8s camera app isn’t ground-breaking, it’s not going to blow away any sort of competition, it just makes a decent app better. If you want to know what I think which parts of iOS 8 is game-changing, check out the overview video I’ve done here:

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