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iPhone 6 – FINAL Design leaked? Smart Apple EarPods? – May 2014 Rumour Round-Up

iPhone 6 form factor confirmed? Smart Apple EarPods? A $100 dollar increase in the price of the iPhone 6?

Here’s a roundup of all the iPhone 6 rumours that have surfaced in the last 30 days that I think we need to watch in May. Now in the last month, there’s been rumours that have been leaks of design molds, iPhone 6 cases, the front panel, an EIS camera and smart EarPods. And it’s going to cost more money.

Release Date

Most rumour articles points to a September and even an October release. Now an interesting article from IBT mentions that Apple will tell us that the release date during WWDC on June 2 which wouldn’t be a bad thing but Apple hasn’t done that before and if history was to repeat itself it wouldn’t again. The one thing we know for sure is that it’s not happening in May like rumours in February indicated. I don’t think there’s anything worthwhile to watch for in the next month for the release date

As an interesting side note, there’s a rumour saying that the 5.5 inch iPhone is going to be real eased later in 2014 for the holiday shopping season. We’ll see how that one develops. Also, who else think Phablets are stupid?


Again, nothing in terms of the actual storage capacity. As you guys know, my opinion on it the capacity of the iPhone 6 is that if the minimum is 16GB, I’m considering that a crime against humanity.


Lots of rumours around the display and size of the iPhone 6 to watch for in May. As I mentioned in previous iPhone 6 rumour roundups, the moment that there’s a leak in the Apple supply chain, we’ll know exactly what it’s going to look like and that’s what happened in the last 30 days.

At the start of April, there was a leak for the CAD drawings of the iPhone 6 and that was “meh” in my opinion since they didn’t really look like well done CAD drawings. They actually looked like they were handrawn but an asian drawing stuff is something almost as good as computer drawings. It’s because of our squinty eyes, we see details better.

BUT, in the middle of April, there was a leak of an actual iPhone 6 body mould. The source of the article was from and to me, this is the most concrete evidence that the iPhone 6 actually exists. Now right after the mold release, macrumors had an article showing us a purported iPhone 6 front screen that’s 4.7 inches.

So let’s break it down. With these molds and front panels, the iPhone 6 is measuring out to be 138mm by 64mm by 6.1mm. The iPhone 5S right now is 123.8 mm by 58.6 by 7.6mm. So it’s going to be 11% taller, 9% wider and 205 thinner. With all these numbers, I’m most excited about the thinness of the iPhone 6, that’s going to definitely offset the bigger device. From my understanding, at 6.1mm, that’s almost as thin as the current iPod Touch.

Now in the last few rumours roundups, we’ve talked a lot about the sapphire display but in the last 30 days, that rumor seems to have fallen off the rumour mill. What’s in store for us in May I wonder? I doubt there isn’t something that is going to be more definitive in terms of size and shape than what we’ve just all seen. What do you guys think?


Nothing has surfaced in the last while to watch for in terms of the processor. It’s almost a sure thing that we’re going to have an A8 processor but nobody has come out with the specifics. Rumours are saying its going to be 64 bit, which is like saying the next Wolverine movie is going to have an incredibly jacked Hugh Jackman.


Now it will be interesting to see in the next month what comes out of a new camera rumour. Up till now, all the rumours have been saying that there is going to be a 8-megapixel camera with Optical image stabilization but in a rumor I found on, a company called ESm was saying that the iPhone 6 is going to use Electronic image stabilization and will sport larger pixels. 1.75 microns instead of 1.5 microns. Why this switch, because Apple doesn’t want the camera lens to protrude out of the iPhone 6’s back casing.

Now what does this mean? in general, OIS is a hardware solution for stabilization while EIS is software. It sounds like the OIS solution is a little too big for the iPhone 6 so Apple might go with the EIS which could make sense given their M7 processor which could feed a lot of motion information to the camera unit. With the pixel sizes, from what I understand, bigger pixels means better light capture which means better pictures.


If the iPhone 6 is going to be bigger, 100% percent chance that the battery is going to be bigger. How much bigger? we don’t know. There was a rumour showing us a tray of iPhone 6 batteries but that was pretty much it. it’s literally a picture of batteries in a tray.Again, I haven’t heard anything about a better way of charging the battery and as we come closer, to the iPhone 6 becoming a reality, it’s less likely going to happen.


Nothing new on the sensors front for the iPhone but there’s a rumour saying that the Apple EarPods are going to have some sensors in them. Like heart rate and blood pressure sensors. And now that I’ve heard this rumour, this make’s complete sense. I’ve always got a set of EarPods on me, they’re pretty durable as the ones I have right here have gone through the wash. I’ve got other sets of headphones but I always end up using the EarPods. As a side note, have you noticed how groudy your EarPods get? If you have a pair, take a closer look and be a little disgusted.

So it would make total sense that Apple started it’s smart accessories with something that is very prevalent with an Apple user. According to, the new EarPods will use the lightning port.

This rumour is even better than the design molds being leaked. I’m going to take a moment and enjoy this and think how awesome it would if this rumour was true. Smart EarPods is something I’m looking forward in seeing more rumours in May.


Bagel on the wireless front as well. It’s probably going to support the AC variant of the wireless but I’ve read nothing about it.


Now the price. Lots of buzz saying that the iPhone 6 is going to cost $100 dollars more but most of the articles are referencing the carrier subsidized price, not the retail price. Now logical it makes sense that the retail price would go up as well but its odd that nobody is reporting that.

It sounds like that Apple see’s an opportunity to charge more for the iPhone whether because it sees that they need to pass the cost of greatly improved iPhone 6 to the consumer or that they just want to make more money. I’m thinking and hoping that it’s not that Apple is greedy but because the iPhone 6 is going to be so incredibly awesome that it’s going to warrant us paying an extra $100.

Or maybe this price increase will be for the iPhone phablet. Maybe.

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