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iPhone 7 Rumor Roundups


What can we expect for the iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 Rumors

What kind of juicy tidbits do we have in our iPhone 7 Rumor Roundups?

(updated January 15, 2016)

At Mobile Reviews Eh! we base everything on real usage but when it comes to guessing what the new iPhone is going to be like, all we can do is take what we’ve encountered from before and take a shot in the dark. With that being said, we’ll stay away from people creating “hypothetical” mockups of what they think the device will be since most of them aren’t grounded in any truth.

With each version of the iPhone, Apple usually focuses on one component. For the 5S, it was the Touch ID sensor, the 6 was a new form factor and the 6s introduced Force Touch. We know that the iPhone 7 is most likely going to have a different size but will there be anything else?

With the table below, we’ve broken the rumours based on the hardware portions of the device to give you guys a clearer picture of what the iPhone 7 could be.

iPhone 7 Rumor Roundups – Specs

Release Date
  • We guess a September 2016 reveal with end of month release – Aaron
  • The iPhone 6 took a $100 price increase, will the iPhone 7 see something similar? We know that many countries with weaker currencies had their prices adjusted which resulted in the new iPhones being incredibly expensive – Aaron
  • We seriously hope the 16 GB model goes away. Seriously. – Aaron
  • Retina HD was introduced in the iPhone 6. Before that, it was the Retina screen that lasted for 4 iPhone generations (introduced in the 4). Will Apple come up with a higher density display to compete with some of the higher-def Android devices? Or do they care? – Aaron
  • A recent report from BGR suggested that Apple was moving away from LCD screens to OLED screens found on most Android devices and the Apple Watch. However, the timeframe for this transition is 2017 but who knows? <source>
  • The current trend of the iPhones has been bigger screens but thinner bodies. How much smaller can Apple make the iPhone 7? Will they do away with the bezel? – Aaron
  • In the quest to be 1mm thinner, Apple is rumored to be removing the 3.5mm. headphone jack. Thinner device is going to be nice but for us, that means a bigger battery or stereo speakers and a stronger iPhone!<source>
  • Will improved waterproofing increase the size of the iPhone? There are speculations that the iPhone 7 is going to be quite water resistant (maybe waterproof?) Apple integrated a gasket in the 6s that made it quite water resistant so will Apple take it to the next step? <source>
  • The iPhone 6s has an A9/M9 processor, the 6 had an A8/M8 processor so with the iPhone 7, we’re hazarding a guess that it is going to be an A10/M10 processor. – Aaron
  • The iPhone 6s saw a significant upgrade to the camera so the iPhone 7 will probably use the same set of sensors with a few behind-the-scene improvements (i.e., Faster Focus Pixels?) – Aaron
  • Two lenses? In one iPhone? This would be awesome. Having two lenses, may provide the iPhone 7 with SLR quality, improved detail and better noise-removal as well as better low-light exposure. (The removal of the portruding camera lens is my favourite feature – Aaron) <source>
  • If Apple does remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, how will we be able to charge our headphones while listening to music? Will Apple release a lightning cable that splits into two (That would be silly – Aaron)? Will there be wireless charging? If they are, will it be Qi compatible or will we be forced to use the same type of wireless charging found on the Apple Watch? <source>
  • The last significant improvements to the sensors was the Touch ID, that was introduced in the 5S and the Force Touch in the 6s. What will the iPhone 7 bring? – Aaron
  • Sometimes the most ignored section as the antennas don’t usually garner much attention (unless you squeeze them and lose signal like the iPhone 4 does) – Aaron
  • Intel supposedly has a 1000 engineers working on the new LTE modem. Now a 1000 people may seem like a lot but considering the company has over 100,000 employees, having 1% of the enterprise may not be a big deal. <source>
  • Wireless headphones? Apple taketh and Apple Giveth? With the removal of the 3.5 mm jack there has been speculation that Apple is going to release wireless ear buds. This sounds like its too good to be true. Our biggest concern has to deal with the battery life because the current crop of smaller Bluetooth enabled headphones have incredibly awful battery life. <source>


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