LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit

So should you go Nuud or Topless? Find the answers in our LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit comparison

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So are you a person who hates screen protectors but is a little clumsy? I don’t like screen protectors, they diffuse the screen, reduce the sensitivity of your iPhone’s touchscreen as well as increase the glare. Especially those plastic ones. Now only if there was a case that didn’t have a screen protector but still provided waterproof and shockproof protection. Well, you’re in luck because the LifeProof Nuud and Dog & Bone Wetsuit are two cases that fit that bill. The LifeProof is called the Nuud for a reason and the Dog & Bone likes to use the term topless when describing the Wetsuit. We’ve used both of these cases extensively and based on our rating system, the LifeProof Nuud got a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5 while the Dog & Bone scored 4.0 Eh’s out of 5. They’re both great cases and each have their own merits and perhaps the biggest question you need to ask….Do you want to go topless or do you want to go Nuud? This LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit comparison is based on our full reviews for each case. You can find the links in the comparison table below.

  • Price:


  • Pros:

    - Allows for exceptional access to your iPhone
    - Waterproof, shockproof case with no screen protector

  • Cons:

    - Little screen protection. The case only provides 1/4 inch of clearance

  • Potential Problems:

    - There are twice any many o-rings on the LifeProof Nuud which increases the chance that debris may enter the case rendering it not-waterproof
    - No built-in screen protector means that the iPhone still might suffer a shattered screen if dropped face first


  • Weight/Bulk (4/5):

    - Slightly thicker than the LifeProof Fre
    - Fairly light (not as light as the LifeProof Fre

  • Ease of installation (4.5/5):

    - Easy to install
    - LifeProof Nuud is vven easier to uninstall, no need to "burp" the device out, just push through the front panel of the case
    - Case comprises of 2 parts, taken apart by peeling back the rear panel at the bottom of the case

  • Build Quality (4.5/5):

    - Case feels solid despite having no screen protector
    - Good mix of rubber and polycarbonate makes the case easy to use


  • Shock Protection (4.5/5):

    - Provides shock protection up to 6.6 ft
    - Successfully tested by slapping the case across a concrete room

  • Water Protection (4.5/5):

    - LifeProof Nuud provides water protection up to depths of 6.6 ft for 1 hour
    - Successfully tested in a small tub of beer

  • Screen Protection (2/5):

    - No screen protector though LifeProof does include an installable 3rd party screen protector for the Nuud


  • iPhone Functionality (4/5):

    - LifeProof Nuud provides easy access to all buttons
    - Sound coming from speakers is enhanced
    - Easy access to hardware ports
    - Larger headphone plugs can be used easily with the LifeProof Nuud

  • Screen Usability (5/5):

    - Easy to access swipe menus
    - Edges of the case may get in the way
    - Since the LifeProof Nuud doesn't have a screen protector, it offers the same screen usability as a naked iPhone

  • Screen Viewability (5/5):

    - No issues with the LifeProof Nuud since it doesn't have a screen protector

Dog & Bone Wetsuit


Full Review
Video Playlist
  • Price:


  • Pros:

    - Unique design
    - Better water & drop protection than Lifeproof and Otterbox
    - Easy to access buttons on iPhone
    - Unhindered access to iPhone's touchscreen (no screen protector)

  • Cons:

    - Fairly bulky
    - Touchscreen access is a bit more difficult due to the edges of the case - Sound coming from the iPhone is a little distorted
    - Plug that covers the headphone jack and lightning port connector can be lost

  • Potential Problems:

    - The plug that covers the hardware parts can be easily lost. Dog & Bone doesn't include a spare in the packaging


  • Weight/Bulk (4/5):

    - Will add 1/4 inch around the entire iPhone
    - Increases weight of your iPhone
    - Double the thickness of your iPhone

  • Ease of installation (3.5/5):

    - Installation of the Wetsuit is fairly easy but requires an additional step of fitting your iPhone into the silicon boot
    - Un-installing the case requires the use of a coin

  • Build Quality (4/5):

    - Molded bumpers ensure that the plastic doesn't scuff from drops
    - Nice blend of rubbery "grippy" parts and smooth parts
    - The most uniquely designed iPhone 5/5S case we've come across


  • Shock Protection (5/5):

    - The Dog & Bone Wetsuit provides shock protection up to 6.6 ft
    - Multiple 6 ft drops did not break the case nor did the case come apart fully
    - The Wetsuit provides more protection than your average LifeProof and Otterbox case because there is two layers of protection. Even if the front/back housings fail, the silicon boot will provide a bit protection

  • Water Protection (4.5/5):

    - Provides water protection up to depths of 6.6 ft
    - This waterproof iPhone case doesn't have a built-in screen protector which is similar to the Nuud
    - Due to the design of the silicon boot, the Wetsuit provides better water protection than your standard LifeProof and Otterbox cases

  • Screen Protection (2.5/5):

    - The Wetsuit does not have a screen protector but Dog & Bone has included a scratch resistant screen protector that covers the entire front of the iPhone
    - The screen protector is nice, doesn't diffuse the iPhone screen and doesn't feel like a traditional rubber screen protector


  • iPhone Functionality (4/5):

    - Accessing the buttons on your iPhone through the Dog & Bone wetsuit is easy. Mute switch design is unique
    - Sound coming from the case isn't muted but sounds a little distorted. Popping/echoing of sound is common
    - Touch ID sensor works fairly well but the edge of the case does get in the way if you have larger thumbs
    - Headphone jack and lightning port is covered by plastic plugs that are not attached to the case

  • Screen Usability (3.5/5):

    - Edges of the Dog & Bone wetsuit are quite high and will get in the way of accessing your swipe menus
    - No screen protector so the sensitivity of the touchscreen isn not reduced

  • Screen Viewability (5/5):

    - No screen protector = GREAT screen viewability

Design – You still have to dress your Wetsuit since its only topless

Design Differences - LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone WetsuitThere isn’t a large difference in terms of design when looking at the LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit. The biggest difference between these two cases is how they’re installed. The Nuud comes in two pieces whereas the Wetsuit has three. The Dog & Bone case literally has a wetsuit that you have to put on the case. It’s not hard to put on your iPhone but this design features makes the Wetsuit a tougher case than the Nuud. The Wetsuit is a little thicker and heavier than the Nuud and it tends to show wear and tear a bit quicker as you can tell from our case.    

Protection – Funny thing, the case that isn’t Nuud offers better iPhone protection

O-rings on the LifeProof NuudWhen it comes to protecting your iPhone, the Wetsuit comes out on top despite the fact that both cases are rated to 6.6ft for shock and water protection. The unique design of the Wetsuit results in your iPhone having 2 layers of protection. The Front and Back housings sandwich the boot portion of the case so even if the housings come off, your iPhone is still protected by the boot. With the Nuud, you only have two pieces so if the case comes apart, there is nothing stopping from having your iPhone from being damaged. In terms of water protection, the boot on the Wetsuit provides a better waterproof seal than the Nuud because the whole boot acts as a seal. On the Nuud, you have a oring that rings along the entire length of the touchscreen but if there’s a piece of debris that sits on the ring, water is going to get into the cavity of the case. On the wetsuit, the boot will form a seal around the debris which would result in your phone staying waterproof. In perfect conditions, both of these cases will be do fine as underwater cameras. In this LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit comparison, one would think that screen protection would be the same but its not. Again, the Wetsuit is better since the edges of the case is higher than the edge on the LifeProof so if you were to drop the case face first, debris smaller than 1/8 inch won’t touch the iPhone’s touchscreen. BOth case manufacturers include screen protectors with LifeProof offering one that fits the cutout area of the iPhone screen. On the Wetsuit, the screen protector covers the entire front of the iPhone. LifeProof and Dog & Bone officially don’t support 3rd party screen protectors but if we had to pick a case to use with a 3rd party screen protector, we’d choose the Wetsuit.

Functionality – The Nuud comes out on top

Functionality Differences - LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone WetsuitWhen it comes to functionality, the Nuud comes out on top. Accessing your iPhone is easy for both cases but the Wetsuit has a few oddities that puts it back. Sound coming from the iPhone inside the wetsuit sounds a little distorted and the plug that covers the lightning port and headphone jack isn’t attached to the case. Both are TouchID compliant and work but the black membrane on the Wetsuit doesn’t give the “iPhone looks wet” look. The biggest difference between these two waterproof iPhone cases in terms of functionality is the screen usability. The edges on the Wetsuit are quite high so getting to your Q and P might be a little difficult. The bottom edges isn’t far enough away from the bottom of the touchscreen so the control center is going to be hit and miss as well. How about the screen viewability? In this LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit comparison, the battle of two tough iPhone cases that have no screen protectors, both are exactly the same when it comes to screen viewability. There’s no screen protector!

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  1. shahar shmueli

    December 25, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    can you do the dog & bone wetsuit review for iphone 6??

    • Aaron Ho

      December 28, 2014 at 4:36 pm

      Yep. Going to be in the first week of 2015 that we review the case.

  2. K Mac

    January 29, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    THANX so much for what you do! Subscribed and will use your links to buy!

    Question – I am thinking of getting the Nuud when they get more in stock, but I have an AT & T Invisible Shield Glass screen protector on my iPhone 6, I don’t see how it would interfere with the Nuud, but I see comments about that – just can’t make sense of it…do you mind telling me if the Nuud would fit and be fine?

    K Mac

  3. Anthony

    June 3, 2015 at 12:38 am

    which one sounds better for phonecalls, music, etc because i heard that the nuud had major problems with the sound and im just curious

    • Aaron Ho

      June 12, 2015 at 1:57 am

      The Nuud sounds a tad better. All waterproof cases are pretty bad with sound.

  4. Paul

    October 26, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Now that the new Dog&Bone Wetsuit and LifeProof Nuud for the iPhone 7 are shipping, can you do an update to this review for the iPhone 7.

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