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Loopy and Loopy Max case review – The toughest iPhone X case out there?

Loopy cases might not be the most aesthetically pleasing iPhone cases out there with it’s weird rubber band loop at the back. But the rubber band loop is one of the best accessories we have on the iPhone.  Not only that the band increases the case’s protection but also it’s functionality. If you care more about how your iPhone works than what it looks like, you need to check out the Loopy case. More in our Loopy and Loopy Max case review!


4.4 Eh’s out of 5

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  • Greatly improves the handling of the iPhone
  • Reduces the chance that you might drop your iPhone
  • Frees up you hands to do other things


  • Not compatible with Qi-Charging

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do reviews based on actual usage. We do tests and use the products for days and maybe weeks. For this Loopy case review, we were not the only one who uses and loves the Loopy case. Even our family members like the Loopy case! But don’t expect this Loopy case review to be all fluff though, we do have some gripes with the Loopy case. We just think that the added functionality of the Loopy case outweighs the gripes we had on the Loopy case.

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The Loopy case comes in two versions. The regular Loopy and Loopy Max. The cases that Loopy uses has gotten tougher over the years which is a good thing, The first versions were incredibly lightweight and thin but didnʼt offer much protection for your device by itself.

Loopy case review- Loopy Case and Loopy Case Max

The Loopy and Loopy Max cases by themselves remind us of a beefier Rhinoshield Playproof. The cases are almost the same size as the Otterbox Symmetry but handle 1000x times better because of the Loop.

Rhinoshield Playproof

Otterbox Symmetry

The actual Loop isnʼt just a regular rubber band. The original loop had a matte finish whereas the new loops have glossy ends. This new design ensures that the loop doesnʼt change size over time. You can easily swap out the loops for different colors and Loopy has a multitude of different colors and styles. The glow in the dark ones are actually quite fun to use.


The regular Loopy and Loopy Max will do a great job protecting your device from accidental drops. However, those accidental drops will be far and few between for the average person. The moment your hand is in the loop, the only way that your iPhone is going to get damaged is if youʼre falling with your device. And if that is happening, you have bigger immediate problems than thinking about your iPhone.

We were really glad that Loopy decided to bulk up the protection for their latest cases. This new bulk will protect your iPhone between the moment of picking it up and the moment you start using your device.

Loopy case review- Loopy Case wont come off easily

If youʼre wondering if the loop comes out from normal usage, it doesn’t. The updated loop does a great job of not coming out. If you want to see all the things we did for our Loopy and Loopy Max case review, check out the YouTube video below!

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The biggest difference between the Loopy and Loopy Max are the edges. The edges on the Loopy Max are a bit larger than the regular Loopy case which equates to extra drop protection. The thicker edges of the Loopy Max also include a hexagonal pattern that adds to the protection.

Loopy case review- Difference between Loopy Case and Loopy Case Max

The edges of the case are also quite high and will keep the screen of your iPhone off a flat surface, even with a thicker screen protector.

We actually have the tendency to put our device face down because of the loop. Apparently, our mind thinks that being able to pick up the iPhone easier was worth the occasional scratch it may incur.

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If you value functionality over aesthetics, youʼll definitely appreciate the Loopy case. Youʼre going to like it so much that youʼll overlook some of the flaws that the case has.

Honestly, the loop just makes our iPhone better to use. It helps us get the most out of our iPhone. Most iPhone cases donʼt have enough texture on the edges to easily lift the iPhone off a flat surface. It may slip out of your fingers or it might take multiple tries before you get get a solid hold with of your device.

You never have that kind of problem with the Loopy case. The moment your finger is in the loop, your iPhone is going to be safe. But what makes the Loopy unique is the fact that you can easily free up your phone hand without actually having your iPhone leave your hand.

Loopy case review- Loopy Case not falling off

Some of you might think that the loop on the case might actually get caught on pockets. However, we really don’t think thatʼs a bad thing. For example, with the smaller iPhoneʼs, we found that if we need to keep the iPhone easily accessible, weʼd only tuck our iPhone in a Loopy case up until we felt the loop. The rubber on the loop still keeps the iPhone in our pocket but we donʼt fully lose it in the pocket. If we need to fully secure the iPhone in the pocket, we can easily push the Loopy case fully into the pocket because the band is so pliable. Itʼs subtle but these little features makes a noticeable difference on a day to day basis.

Loopy case review- Loopy Case functionality

Taking photos and videos with the Loopy case is way easier and safer.  Being able to put a bit of tension on the Loop allows for better videos. Selfies, on the other hand, are way easier with the Loopy case as you donʼt have to worry about dropping your device. All you have to think about is the picture that youʼre taking.

The ease of use has become even more apparent when trying to use our devices with small children. Being able to hold a small human being with two hands and keep our iPhone’s handy has been great when it comes to on-the-go photos and videos. It’s hard to describe but being able to securely hold onto our phone while moving our kid at the same time is so efficient.

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Minor Flaws

First of all, the buttons on the case are a little tougher to use than the average case. The difference is quite noticeable between our favourite case buttons found on the latest Rhinoshield cases. But as weʼve said before, the case is so useful that tougher to use buttons arenʼt a big deal.

Loopy case review- Loopy Case qi charging problem
Loopy case review- Loopy Case buttons 2

The second issue we have is that the Loopy case generally wonʼt work with Qi-chargers. The distance created by the loop is too great. However, this issue doesn’t bother us since Qi-charging on the iPhone is sub-par.

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Loopy case review- Loopy Case in a Ottie cat mount

The loop might also be too thick to work with certain car mounts. But the Loopy and Loopy Max does work with an iOttie mount which is our go to non-Qi charging car mount.

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