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LoopyCases Review – iPhone 6/6 Plus


The thinnest iPhone case that we’ve reviewed but it provides as much protection as the toughest that we’ve reviewed?

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Today we’re going to do a review on Loopy Cases! These are slightly different looking cases and LoopyCases’s big thing is to #StoptheDrop. Aaron’s personal hashtag for the LoopyCase is #LookICanUseMyiPhoneWithOneHand!

Now, we personally like the case but there’s really nothing fancy about the LoopyCase, its essentially a thin iPhone case with a rubberband poking through it but despite the simplicity of the case, we feel that it offers more protection than the best drop-rated slim case and provides excellent 1-handed usage of your iPhone, especially the iPhone 6 Plus.

For our LoopyCases Review, based on our time with the case and how we’ve rated other cases, the LoopyCase gets a score of 4.1 eh’s out of 5 but there is a big caveat with that score which will explain below. If you rather read the rest of the review, check out our review table on the website and if you’re looking for something similar but don’t like the elastic portion of the case, check out our review of the FlyGrip! If you want to know a couple of differences between the LoopyCase and the FlyGrip, check out the comparison bit at the end of the review video. If you’re wondering how this case fares against other cases, check out our comparison tool!

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Design – Pretty simple. A thin iPhone case and a rubber band?

Loopy Cases is basically a rubber band attached to the back of an slim iPhone caseIn terms of design, this a really thin case. In fact, its thinner than Apple’s own silicone case. The Loopy case does allow for the installation of third party screen protectors and the case does hold up well after a bit usage. The only gripe about the case in terms of design and we’re being incredibly picky is that the elastic puts a small bulge in the back of the case which results in the bottom edge of the case not sitting flush with the bottom edge of the iPhone.

Protection – Go ahead, try to drop it!

The Loopy case around in action!In terms of protection, if you were to drop your iPhone in this case, on purpose like we do, then your iPhone isn’t going to fare well since the case doesn’t fully cover the edges of your iPhone. There aren’t multiple layers, there’s barely any screen protection from the case edges and it doesn’t keep dust out because of the flushness problem caused by the bump on the back of the case.

As a result, the LoopyCase has won the award for being the least protective case ever based on our rating system. BUT here’s the caveat. Based on normal, everyday usage, the protection that the Loopy provides your iPhone is going to be MUCH better than most slim, semi-tough cases.

The moment you start using our iPhone in a LoopyCase, one of your fingers is going to end up the loop. Even if you completely let go of the iPhone, the loop will prevent the iPhone from falling out of your hand completely so you really don’t need a case that is incredibly protective. If you’re using your iPhone normally with a finger in the loop, there is almost a 0% chance that your iPhone is going to slip out of your hand.

So after reading the protection aspect of our LoopyCases Review, do you really need an iPhone case thats drop rated?

Functionality – Is it possible to 1-hand your iPhone 6/6 Plus? Yes!

Loopy Cases could replace a tough case?In terms of accessing your iPhone inside the case, there aren’t any issues that we’ve discovered for the buttons or anything with the screen. The rubber band doesn’t really get in the way of putting the iPhone into your pant pockets but you will notice it being there.

Now, the best part of this case and is the access it provides for your iPhone. Going from the 5S to the 6 and 6 Plus was a big change for us as the biggest gripe that we had was that it was going to be so much more difficult to access the entire screen with 1-hand. With the LoopyCase, you can easily access the entire screen of your iPhone 6/6 Plus without having to worry about the device falling out of your hand.

And as an added bonus, the Loopy acts as a pseudo-stand for the iPhone so that you don’t have to crane your neck during a binge watching season of Friends on Netflix.

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  1. Nick

    February 19, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    When will you be doing a review on the catalyst for the iPhone 6? I really need to know if this is the case I want to buy.

    • Aaron Ho

      February 19, 2015 at 8:23 pm

      I will do it once I get the case. Still hasn’t arrived despite pre-ordering the case.

  2. Robert Taylor

    February 21, 2015 at 6:23 am

    Any reviews coming up on the Rokform cases?

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