Love Mei Powerful – It’s bright and heavy!


The Love Mei Powerful is perfect for the person who doesn’t like to work out but wants big arms

[toggle title=”Watch the FULL Love Mei Powerful Review on YouTube”][/toggle] The Love Mei Powerful case is a tough iPhone case that will protect your iPhone from drops. It will also help increase your bicep size due to its weight. This is the heaviest iPhone case that we’ve reviewed to date and despite the fact that the Love Mei looks like a Lunatik Taktik Extreme rip-off, it does provide great access to your iPhone. But, since it is a cheap Chinese knock-off, the build quality of the case is much worse.

The promotional video for the Love Mei Powerful case is also pretty interesting as it shows a couple taking the Powerful iPhone case everywhere but the best scene is when the guy decides to break a car window with the iPhone case.

Based on our time with this case, we gave it a score of 3.7 Eh’s out of 5. The build quality of the case is quite poor with the Love Mei Powerful case suffering from deformations after being dropped, rough looking cutouts, the “Corning Gorilla” glass screen protector seems a little weaker than other glass screen protectors and the paint on the bezels begins chipping after being dropped. Did I mention this is a heavy case?

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Design – We’re big fans of the design of the case, even it is “borrowed”

The Love Mei Powerful case comes in three pieces that are held together with 6 screws. The front and back bezels are made from steel and the middle piece is a 9mm impact truss. In fact, the component diagram found on Love Mei’s website is quite similar to the one found on Lunatik’s website. We will note that the impact truss can be easily torn.

The Powerful case is not TouchID compatible and has a cheap cover over the home button. It seems to float on the case and is attached via this sticker.

The glass screen protector, which we broke with an hammer and axe runs along the entire length of the case. The mute ringer switch is also similar to the Lunatik’s switch. The headphone jack is covered by a plastic plug that has a diamond looking thing that is used to smash car windows.

Protection – The Love Mei Powerful might not survive but your iPhone will be safe

The Love Mei Powerful case is not rated to any Military Standard so we put it through a normal waist height drop, followed by a 6ft drop. The iPhone survived all the drops but the case is not quite deformed and one of the screw sockets broke off. Given the that the bezels are made from steel, that’s not surprising to us.

In terms of water/dust resistance, we believe this case will fare better than most but it is not waterproof and one of the drawbacks of this case is that it will sink much quicker than other cases given the extra weight of the case.

According to Love Mei, the Powerful case has a Gorilla glass screen protector but from our very scientific test of taking a hammer/axe and smacking the screen protector, we feel that it doesn’t seem as strong as the Gorilla glass screen protector on the Lunatik Taktik Extreme which took multiple hammer strikes.


Functionality – Wow. It’s actually really good

This is where the Love Mei Powerful case shines. Getting to your iPhone is incredibly easy inside this case. In fact, its one of the best cases for that which is surprising given the build quality of the case. The shape of the case fits nicely in your hand and if it was made from a lighter material, would be a joy to use.

The glass screen protector is especially nice, even if its not “real” Gorilla glass. Finger print smudging is kept to a minimum and fingers slide really easily over the surface. The glass screen protector extends over the front-facing camera so it doesn’t reduce the quality of that camera.

Sound is really muted in the case and we didn’t notice any attenuation of our wifi/cell strength. The cutouts on the back of the case are large enough that they get in the way of camera and flash.


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