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Lucent Clear Armor Case Review – iPhone 6


A clear back iPhone case that doesn’t scratch?

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Today we’re going to be doing a review on the Lucent by CaseCo. CaseCo is a new case manufacturer to us and towards the end of 2014, they sent us a bunch of stuff to check out and our initial impressions of them is that they make some pretty decent stuff for your iPhones. The box of stuff include a bluetooth toque, a car mount, a power accessory and a couple of iPhone cases.

With the Lucent, we really like the slimness of the iPhone case and accessibility of your iPhone inside of this case is top notch. One of the most unique things about CaseCo’s products (or the ones that we’ve seen) has to do with the sound of your iPhone inside the case. The Lucent’s back is clear and is going to stay scratch free longer than other cases with clear backs. The only thing that brings down the Lucent is the lack of official protection that it provides so if you’re relatively careful with your iPhone and you want to show off the full back of your iPhone, consider getting the Lucent.

Based on our time with the case, we gave it a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5 in our Lucent Clear Armor Case Review. This is an above average iPhone case in our opinion and for 25 bucks, quite a steal. The Lucent is a little better than your Spigen Tough Armor but not as good as the Incipio Octane and Griffin Survivor Core. If you’re wondering how this case fares against other cases, check out our comparison tool!

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Design – Just…so…awesome

In terms of design, the Lucent is one of the thinner iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed. When you’re looking at the case, it does seem a little bigger than other iPhone cases since the corners come out a bit more but you don’t really feel that bulk because you don’t hold the iPhone (usually) around the corners.

CaseCo. has done quite an awesome job in the design of the Lucent. The general shape of the case makes it easy to handle and the materials provide enough texture to ensure a good grip. We do have a small issue with the rigidity of the edges of the case but we feel that its more of a dust protection issue. The Lucent is one of the few cases that has a clear back but unlike other cases such as the Griffin Survivor core, it doesn’t scratch as easily because the clear back is kept off a flat surface.


Protection – Good enough for day-to-day bumps and drops

Despite being well designed, the Lucent lacks in terms of protection. It doesn’t have multiple layers for protection, it’s not drop rated and a screen protector is not provided with the case. Even the dust protection is going to be a notch lower as the edges of the case have a bit of give. With all that being said, with the extended corners, this case is going to provide your iPhone with decent day-to-day protection in our opinion.

Functionality – Your iPhone isn’t coming out of your hand anytime soon

The functionality that the Lucent provides is the best part of the case and we would consider the functionality a cut above the iPhone cases in its score range. The biggest thing with this case is the sound enhancer that actually works in most cases. Usually, companies tend to focus on small, inconsequential things on their products but this sound enhancer is definitely not inconsequential. From our tests, we did notice a difference in loudness with the iPhone in the Lucent. Keeping the iPhone approx. 6 inches from our sound app, the difference in sound fell between a normal conversation and loud singing.

The edges of the case are textured enough that once the case is in your hand, it doesn’t feel like the iPhone is every going to slip out of your hand but its not rubbery enough that it won’t easily fit in to your pocket. Accessing the buttons in your iPhone is decent though because of the less than rigid edges but you’ll notice a bit of compression when you press them.

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  1. Ryoma

    February 12, 2015 at 6:44 am

    What about this one? I got the Wooden iPhone Case – Rosewood.

    • Aaron Ho

      February 12, 2015 at 1:18 pm

      Interesting. I’ll put it on the list!

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