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Ludicase Review – Cool iPhone X and iPhone 8 Cases

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4 Eh’s out of 5

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  • Great for people who fidget
  • Handles well


  • May annoy people with all the clicking that you do
  • Bulk

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do reviews based on actual usage. We do tests and use the products for days and maybe weeks. We also do content based on questions like “Can a Qi-charger charge a spinning iPhone?” Answer: Yes it can!

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The Ludicase has a rigid back and the edges of the iPhone are covered in a thick TPU. The case is thicker than any average slim case due to the Rocket Spinner in the back. However, the Rocket Spinner is not going to be a problem for most people since the extra thickness isnʼt uniform throughout the Ludicase.

Spheres - Ludicase iPhone Case Review

The Ludicase feels like a premium case due to its solidity. Despite all the moving pieces, the Ludicase doesnʼt feel like it’s going to fall apart. There is enough texture on the case that tt wonʼt slide around easily on a flat surface. The soft-rubber coating isn’t as strong as other cases so the handling isn’t as good as it should. The knick-knacks on the back of the case make up for this though.

We also didn’t have any big issues accessing the iPhone in the case. The buttons are a tad stiffer than we’d like but that’s it. We didn’t find any of the special features getting in our way. Other than the extra bulk, our iPhone was quite usable with the Ludicase.


At the top of the iPhone, you have a set of buttons that Ludicase calls the “Click Brothers”. These buttons basically mimic the clicky-top of a pen. The clicks arenʼt distracting and are as loud as the average person typing on the keyboard.

Clicky Buttons - Ludicase iPhone Case Review

Next up is Ludicase’s “The Amazing Touch Field” which is a silicone textured surface. We personally donʼt have an affinity for the textured surface. But we like that it improves the grip on the case.

Amazing Touch Field - Ludicase iPhone Case Review

There are 3 mini spheres that go in any direction you want called “Slippery Spheres”. To be honest, itʼs actually hard to tell if the spheres actually move or if theyʼre just smooth balls.

We’re actually not fond of the placement of the spheres. They seem really out of the way especially when Ludicase says its for your fingers. The corner is an awkward place for the fingers with one-handed usage. We think it would work better closer to the middle of the case. The sphere are a little more accessible if youʼre two-handing your device.

Rocket Spinner - Ludicase iPhone Case Review

Lastly to spin your iPhone, you get to use the “Rocket Spinner”. If your iPhone could throw up, it would be while being spun on the Rocket Spinner. Personally, we have the most fun with the Rocket Spinner. The Rocket Spinner sits near the middle of the case where our index finger goes so we just reflexively spin it while thinking.

Usage Issues - Ludicase iPhone Case Review

Ludicase does have an app for the case and it comes with two games called Furious and Spin which is to see who can spin the iPhone the longest. The next game is called Fast a Spin which is to see who can reach the number of rotations first. They also included an Arrow which basically allows you to play spin the bottle. If youʼre into that.

The Rocket Spinner , howeverdoes pose a problem. If you’re trying to read on a flat surface, the iPhone will spin or rock when you touch the screen. This will get annoying over time especially when cooking..


Protection - Ludicase iPhone Case Review

The Ludicase isnʼt drop rated. However, it’s thick enough to handle any sort of drop from waist height. We wouldnʼt go tossing it around like a Rhinoshield SolidSuit but it will suffice for most normal day to day mishaps.

We like the rigidity of the case. This is because weʼve learned that the harder it is to flex a case, the better front facing protection itʼs going to offer. The Ludicase’s edge is also high enough to use a thicker than average screen protector.

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