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Use the power of Air to protect your iPhone 7?

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Lunatik Air 360 Review – One of Aaron’s favourite cases

Lunatik Air 360 Review Table - iPHone 7 CaseThe Lunatik Air 360 for the iPhone 7 isn’t a highly rated case but it’s one of our favourites. How does that work? Wouldn’t it make sense for our favourite case to be highest rated case? We’ll elaborate below.

The Lunatik Air 360 is a very light but wide case. The standout feature is that it actually uses “Air” to protect your iPhone. Some cases have air pockets but the Air 360 has an Air Bumper. The unique design improves the handling of your iPhone but the case is so slick, you could use it as an air hockey puck.

For our Lunatik Air 360 Review, we’ve give this case a score of 3.8 Ehs’ out of 5. It is on par with the Poetic Affinity, another lower rated case that we quite enjoy using. If you’re wondering what are the best cases for the iPhone 7, check out our Top 10 lists.

Get the Lunatik Air 360 Now!

Design – Thin, wide and has a bumper filled with air!

The design of the Lunatik Air 360 is very unique. The cases have two parts, a polycarbonate shell and a rubber bumper. One of the reasons why like the case is the look of the bumper integrated with the shell.

The case only adds 1mm to the thickness of the iPhone which is impressive. However, your iPhones screen might think differently as the thinness reduces the screen protection. Despite being thin, the Lunatik Air 360 is very wide. It will add 10mm to your iPhone’s width so if you have small hands, this might not be the case for you. You could always circumvent this issue by getting a GoLoop.

The extra thickness isn’t that noticeable because of the rounded edges. The rubber bumper also has a bit of give to it.

The case fits well together but has no texture on the front and back of the case. The Lunatik Air 360 won’t show excessive usage and despite the slick front and backs, handles like a rockstar. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to slide out of our hands easily.


Protection – Air will protect your iPhone?

Air BUmper - Lunatik Air 360 iPhone 7 ReviewThe Lunatic Air 360 has two shock absorbing layers which is great but the screen protection is lower than average. The edges are very low but will still keep your iPhone’s screen off a flat surface. Even with a very thin screen protector.

The Lunatik offers a bit more dust/debris protection as it is on the only slim case that covers up the mute switch with something they call a rotary ringer switch. The case is drop-rated to MIL-STD 810G but doesn’t offer an official drop height. From our understanding, it the case will protect the iPhone from 4ft/1.2m drops.

Functionality – Stop jabbing the mute switch!

Access to your iPhone 7 is average which is a good thing. It means you can get to everything on your iPhone without hassle. The buttons are great and we love the rotary switch. We’ve gotten use to jabbing our mute switch in most cases that it was refreshing to silent our iPhone by turning a knob.

There are no issues with screen access or with the camera and flash. The cutout at the bottom of the case is big enough to handle my fat Amazon basics cable. And one more time, the grippiness of the air filled bumper makes the iPhone a joy to use.


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