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Lunatik Taktik 360 Review – iPhone 6 (s)


The Lunatik Taktik 360 is a tank for your case! Which is a good and bad thing…

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Lunatik Taktik 360 Review – Your iPhone is going to be safe because you’ll never use it

Today we’re going to review the Lunatik Taktik 360 for the iPhone 6s. We’ve been waiting eagerly for this case, and the one we are reviewing is Aaron’s Indigogo rewards case.

The Lunatik Taktik 360 is a tank of a case, and we’ve chosen the word “tank” very carefully because of its great protection but also because its impossible to get to anything on the inside of the case.

We’re impressed with the look of the 360 and wouldn’t expect anything less from Lunatik, but we feel they forgot about the functionality of the iPhone inside the case. There is one build quality issue that might be a deal breaker for some people.

For our Lunatik Taktik 360 Review, we’ve given it a score of 3.4 Eh’s out of 5. It scores lower than both LifeProof cases, the Catalyst Waterproof and is on the same level as the Thule Atmos X5. If you’re looking for a comparison for all the waterproof cases, find them here!.

 Lunatik Taktik 360
(out of 5)

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$119.95 USD iPhone 6 (s)

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Top Buy Buttons
- Tough
- Great screen usability
- Comes with a glass screen protector
- "Grippy"
- "Squeaks" when compressed
- Sound isn't great
- Call quality is sub-par
- Buttons are tough to use
- Bulky
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
- None
Design Rating
(Lunatik Taktik 360)
Weight/BulkWeight/Bulk (3/5):
- Big
- Heavy
InstallEase of Installation (3.5/5):
- 4 parts to the case
- Requires an external tool to lock case together
- Mute button needs special attention during install
Build QualityBuild Quality (4/5):
- Looks solid, doesn't feel solid (case "squeaks")
- Case maintains shape after usage
- Lots of texture to the case ("grippy")
Protection Rating
(Lunatik Taktik 360)
Shock ProtectionShock Protection (3/5):
- Average drop protection at 6.6ft/2m
Water/Dust ProtectionWater/Dust Protection (3/5):
- Average water protection at 6.6ft/2m
Screen ProtectionScreen Protection (5/5):
- Comes installed with a Corning Glass screen protector
Functionality Rating
(Lunatik Taktik 360)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (3/5):
- Able to use larger 3rd party cables
- Button access is very poor
- Poor sound
- Touch ID works
- Camera/Flash work
Screen UsabilityScreen Usability (4/5):
- High edges
- Very small (almost negligible sensitivity loss)
Screen ViewabilityScreen View-ability (5/5):
- Like an iPhone screen
- Oleophobic coating isn't strong enough
Bottom Buy Buttons


Design – Looks great, but it squeaks?

Lunatik Taktik 360 Review - Locking mechanism

In terms of design, the Lunatik Taktik 360 is quite large. In fact, it is one of the larger iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed. The only other case that’s larger in the waterproof iPhone 6 case class is the Thule Atmos X5. There are four parts to this case and to keep everything together, you need to screw it shut. The mute switch on the Taktik 360 is annoying to deal during installation.

We did notice something unique for the case is there isn’t a visible o-ring on the inner case which is surprising. We’ll elaborate more in the protection section.

The general build quality of the case is decent, but there is one thing that irks us about this tough case. It squeaks when you compress the edges together (see the review video for the actual sound) as the sides of the case aren’t rigid. For us, being able to hear your waterproof iPhone case move makes us worry about the toughness of the cases, especially when it comes to water protection.

Protection – Feels like a tank but is it a tank?

For protection, Lunatik says the 360 is waterproof to 6.6ft and drop-proof to 4ft. This “indestructible” case has the same protection rating as the LifeProof cases and Thule cases so really, how tough is it really?

We did a simple water test and the Lunatik Taktik 360 passed. We decided to take it to the extreme by seeing how “indestructible” the case is so we combined the water and drop test into one by tossing it approx. 12 ft into a bucket of water. After two attempts, Aaron managed to score the 360 into the bucket. The case definitely took a piece out of my bucket and the iPhone ended up taking on water.

Now this 12 ft drop is outside the realm of Lunatik’s IP68 rating. Lunatik should probably use a different other than “indestructible” in their marketing fluff. We had really high expectations for the 360 and this was quite the let down.

For screen protection, Lunatik includes a Corning Gorilla glass screen protector that adds the protection of another iPhone screen on top of your iPhone’s actual screen.

Functionality – Perfect for people who don’t care about accessing their iPhone

Lunatik Taktik 360 Review - Bottom Latch

We mentioned earlier in the review that this is a tank of an iPhone case. The Lunatik Taktik 360 does a great job of protecting your iPhone but like a tank, you’re not supposed to get to the stuff on the inside easily. The buttons on the 360 are very tough to use, and there is no feedback whatsoever when you press them. These buttons are so tough to use that we actually stopped using the iPhone 6s in the case despite having Aaron’s main SIM card installed on the iPhone inside the case.

The mute switch is tough to access as trying to turn the tight knob gets frustrating quickly. We do miss the vibe switch on the Taktik Extremes on the iPhone 5 version.

Getting to the hardware ports on the case isn’t difficult as the cutouts are large enough for 3rd party accessories. There isn’t a waterproof headphone extension with this case so rocking out to beats while keeping the case waterproof can only be done with a wireless headset.

The metal latch takes a bit of getting used to as you need to remember to press the front of the snap into the case before closing it. This latching system wreaks havoc on the sound coming from the iPhone inside the Lunatik Taktik 360. Taking phone calls with the case buttoned up is nearly impossible and every call that we took, we had to undo the latch. The sound from the ear-piece speaker isn’t muted much, but everything does sound muffled.

The TouchID membrane works well, and the screen protector allows you to access the entire iPhone’s touchscreen easily. We’ve read several remarks about the gap in the screen protector, but we haven’t noticed the gaps getting in the way of the iPhone’s sensitivity. The sensitivity loss, when compared to other waterproof cases, is almost negligible. The edges on the case are quite high which is great for protection, but they do get in the way of trying to get to the corners of the iPhone.

Lunatik Taktik 360 Review - Fingerprint Smudging

The best part of the Lunatik Taktik 360 is the viewability of the iPhone. The glass screen protector keeps glare and reflections to a minimum though we feel the oleophobic coating on the screen protector could be a bit stronger because the grease smearing of the screen is pretty horrendous after an intense session of Facebooking. Good thing it’s waterproof.

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  1. Sid

    November 27, 2015 at 2:58 am

    If they fix the issues in the future, you going to bother to do a updated review? or just note it in text form on this current review? kind of glad i didn’t shell out the cash for this case, i’ll just set aside that money to save up to change my 6 to a 6 plus.

    • Aaron Ho

      November 27, 2015 at 3:05 pm

      If they bother reaching out to me with an updated case, I’ll do the update. I’m not spending another $120 dollars on the 360.

  2. James Katt

    November 27, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    For the cost of $120, this case should have replacement glass screen covers. Glass screen covers can easily be broken in falls. Sure, they sacrifice themselves to save the iPhone, but then you have to replace them. And if the glass screen dover for this case is not replaceable, you are out $120 since you have to replace the entire case.

  3. Sam

    November 27, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    Just purchased an Iphone 6s, and wondering what’s the best slim/tough case to get which is easy to remove/fix to the phone? Spent a while on your site trying to find reviews of Iphone 6s cases but there aren’t many at the moment? I have used Otterbox Commuter, Spigen Tough Armour on my Iphone 5s and liked being able to take the case off and put it back on again in well under 30 seconds.

    Love the website, keep up the good work.

  4. Kyle Walls

    November 28, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    This is by far the worse case I have ever bought! I was so excited to get it, knowing Lunatik’s reputation. Man oh man I could not be more disappointed!!! Totally agree with everything you mentioned in the review. Emailed them to ask perhaps I had installed it wrong; explaining the unreal creaking, horrible sound and impossible to push buttons. They mailed me back stating that the buttons were stiff in order to provide protection and will loosen up over time. Like what in twenty years??? They didn’t even respond to my second email. I was under the impression that the case came with a lifetime warranty against defects. What do ya do when the whole case is defective?!

    • Aaron Ho

      November 30, 2015 at 4:12 pm

      I’m trying to see if I can get replacement parts. I’m also going to ask for a refund…it’ll be interesting to see what they say.

      • Kyle Walls

        November 30, 2015 at 4:53 pm

        Dude that would be amazing! I am so interested in their response!!!!

  5. Clarence

    February 1, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Hi! Great review for the Lunatik taktik 360! I’ve been wanting to get this case for a while, because I always wanted a case with a good glass screen protector. Sound quality on this case by you and many other reviewers was said to be horrendous, but I usually use earphones so that does not really mean that much of a big deal. But, one problem is that I don’t know if this case really fits the 6s. It does, right? Please reply soon as I’m intending to get this for my 6s

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