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MagBak Review – iPhone 6 cases (Video Review)

The MagBak is thin and light…and there’s magnets?


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MagBak Review – Go ahead, mount your iPhone to the wall!

The MagBak is a very thin case but don’t let this little case fool you, it’s more than just a slim, grippy case. Integrated into the back of the case are magnets that let you mount your iPhone in different places. We love the texture on this case but its almost too “grippy” in our opinion.

For our MagBak review, we’ve given this iPhone case a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. It scores as well as the Apple Silicone case and but since our scoring system for the iPhone 6 doesn’t have a category called “making your iPhone impressive with magnets”, we would say its probably better than the Apple Silicone case. The lack of protection the MagBak provides for your iPhone is why it scores a little lower than the other cases in our Top 10 list.

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MagBak Review - Reveiw Table - iPhone 6 cases

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Design – There are magnets in the case?

MagBak Review - Dust collector - iPhone 6 cases

The MagBak is a light weight and thin case. Its hard to believe that there are actually magnets in the back of case especially when you compare it other magnetic cases like the Rokform. We will say that the Magbak looks and feels suspiciously like the Apple Silicone case.

The MagBak wears well over time as the black case in the review video spent a couple of weeks in a purse as well as pockets. The MagBak is incredibly grippy and is one of the grippiest cases that I’ve used for the iPhone 6s.

Now we complain about the lack of texture on most cases but for the MagBak, it is almost too grippy. Pulling in the iPhone out of a pant pocket with a MagBak on it usually, results in the pocket being pulled out as well. The texture is so grippy that pocket lint, dust and dirt will be attracted to the case like Monty to a piece of banana.

The magnets are quite tiny and are not noticeable on a day-to-day basis. The magnets are shielded so they won’t interfere with your iPhone 6’s compass which is great. Each MagBak comes with two magnetic strips that allow you to mount it anywhere you want.


Protection – It covers the iPhone…that’s about it.

MagBak Review - Protection - iPhone 6 cases

When it comes to protection, the MagBak, covers the iPhone which allows MagBak to say it will protect your iPhone but this isn’t a case where we’d feel comfortable dropping it for fun. The extent of the protection comes from the clearance it provides your iPhone when placed on a flat surface. Like the Apple Silicone case, the bottom of the case doesn’t cover the port openings so an unlucky drop will do unspeakable horrors to your iPhone.


Functionality – No issues here!

MagBak Review - Mounting - iPhone 6 cases

We had no issues accessing the iPhone inside the MagBak. At all.


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