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MIME Ghost Glass Review and Feather + Glass Review – iPhone 6 Screen Protectors


Wow. That’s a good use of $80 dollars…

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Today we’re going to review two glass screen protectors by MIME. The first is the Feather+Glass and the second is the Ghost Glass. Now we don’t usually review two products at once and you’ll find out why in a bit.

The Feather+Glass is an incredibly thin screen protector, the thinnest that we’ve seen to date. The Ghost Glass is much thicker but offers close to edge to edge protection which is nice. It’s also the best feeling screen protector that we’ve used to date.

With that being said, both of these screen protectors aren’t great in terms of durability as a bit of pressure on their corners will result in a bit of damage.

We’ve given the Feather+Glass a score of 3.1 Eh’s out of 5. The Ghost Glass was rated at 3.0 Eh’s out of 5. These are some of the lowest rated products we’ve reviewed and it just gets our blood going because we’ve spent 80 bucks on these screen protectors they are absolutely the worst in terms of durability. If you want to read the rest of this review, check out our website, if you want to see a bunch of screen protectors that are better than these MIME screen protectors, check out our comparison table!

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Design – Decent design, needs better glass

MIME Ghost Glass Review and Feather + Glass Review - My finger nail did that...Why are we doing two screen protector reviews at once? Well, after we broke the feather+glass, we went and installed the Ghost Glass and within 20 minutes of installation it chipped.

In terms of design, both these screen protectors are not going to be re-applicable and we say this only because of how easy it is to damage them. Once there’s a chip or scratch, peeling back a glass screen protector will result in it cracking. On a slightly better note, MIME does do a good job of providing the installation tools and dust removal tools.

The Feather+Glass covers most of the iPhone’s touchscreen whereas the Ghost Glass extends quite a ways past the touchable area. We do like this feature of the screen protector but if you’re planning on using with a specific case, we’d recommend installing the screen protector with the case on your iPhone or else you’ll end up with some bubbling issues due to a poor fit.

For this MIME Ghost Glass Review and Feather + Glass Review, we discovered that the build quality for both of these tempered glass screen protectors is sub-par. Both will chip when you apply a tiny bit of pressure DESPITE the fact that MIME says they have anti-chip curved edges. On the Ghost Glass, the bottom around the cutout for the TouchID was very easy to chip. In our opinion, the poor build quality is the #1 reason NOT to get these screen protectors. With all that being said, we did like the thinness of the Feather+Glass but the thinness means nothing when it chips like hard candy.


Protection – Coins and keys are fine but how about a drill?

MIME Ghost Glass Review and Feather + Glass Review - So Much Chipping!In terms of protection, these screen protectors will not protect against sand paper despite having 9H reinforced glass but will suffice against coins and knives. We didn’t do the impact protection so we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s going to protect an iPhone screen from a height of 18 inches with Bertha our 200 g steel ball.


Functionality – Don’t let your hands get cut by the chipped glass!

In terms of the functionality of your iPhone’s touchscreen, the only thing we noticed was that the Ghost Glass reduced the sensitivity just a bit and we’re guessing that’s because of the thickness of the screen protector.

Now there are a couple of nice things to say about these MIME screen protectors as their Oleophobic coating is pretty strong and so finger printing really isn’t an issue. In fact, we found the coating to be better than the iPhone’s stock coating.

Also, the screen protectors feel nice. There’s a nice slick feel to them and again, it might be the coating that they use. It’s pretty decent but you’ll only realize that if you decide to forgot about the horrible build quality for a minute. Seriously? A finger nail can chip this screen protector?


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