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Moment Case & Lens Review – iPhone 6s

Moment has created an incredible camera case with lenses that are hard to beat


Moment Case & Lens Review – A great case and the lens is pretty damn awesome!

Today we’re going to review the Moment Case with a Moment wide angle lens. We’ll be honest with you; this is one of the unique, useful camera cases that we’ve used. The lens is also better than the average lens, but the using the lens is a little annoying. If you are serious iPhone photographer, we would recommend that you take a hard, long look at this iPhone camera case over other cases.

The best part of the case is that it allows you to treat your iPhone like an actual phone. Shutter button, partial press to focus and all!

Wait. What?

For our Moment Case & Lens Review, we’ve given this iPhone camera case a score of 3.7 Eh’s out of 5. It’s one of the highest camera accessories that we’ve reviewed to date, beating out the Ztylus Prime, Ollocip 4-in-1, and the HitCase Snap. If you’re wondering about all the camera cases we’ve reviewed, check out our comparison tool for camera cases!

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The Moment Case – We’ve never anything like it

There are two different versions of the Moment case with the one in this review being the cheapest as it doesn’t have the walnut handle. This iPhone case is covered in a soft rubber material which helps with the handling of the iPhone. The Moment Case is quite bulky but unlike other camera cases; the bulk is useful. The shutter button is on the sleep button side of the iPhone, and the entire case is powered by a small battery.

Moment Case and Lens Review - Wide angle lens installed on caseInstallation of the case is simple as you just slide the case in but we did find that if you didn’t push the iPhone in all the way, you’re going to compromise the quality of your photos. We’ll elaborate below.

The case connects via Bluetooth and prompts you every time to connect. If you’re having issues connecting, make sure the battery is seated correctly. If you don’t install the case properly, you’ll end up popping out the battery, so you need to squeeze the case and the iPhone to pop it back in. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to take the iPhone partially out of the case and make sure the cover on the battery is closed.

Lenses are attached by screwing them to the camera portion of the case. We didn’t realize how tight the first few installations were going to be as you need to twist the lens into the case. It loosens after a couple of installs.

Moment Case and Lens Review - close up of lens and mounting plateOne of the neat things about the lens is that it comes with a mounting plate which means you can use the lenses across multiple devices, with different cases which are a big selling point in our opinion. However, carrying/keeping your lens safe for the occasional photo is going to be an issue.

The entire process of mounting the lenses isn’t a hassle but is as slick as the HitCase Snap and the Ztylus Prime. Mounting/unmounting the lens felt very clumsy using the little bag Moment gives you for the $100 lens.

The Moment Case isn’t drop-rated, but it does fit tightly so dust/debris won’t be an issue which is a good thing. The edges of the case are barely high enough to keep a naked screen off a flat surface which isn’t much. Getting a screen protector is highly recommended. The bottom part of the iPhone is completely exposed.

Accessing the iPhone isn’t an issue in the case as the buttons are easy to use and since the bottom is exposed, you won’t have issues accessing the Lightning port and headphone jack.


The Moment Case – Camera/Shuter functionality

Moment Lens Case - Shutter Button FunctionalityThe shutter button functionality only works with Moment’s app which seems like a bummer at first, but one of the features of the app is that it allows you easily control the exposure by sliding your finger horizontally on any part of the viewfinder. Vertically sliding changes the focus. That simple interaction coupled with the Moment Cases shutter button is excellent. We are impressed with both the simplicity and effectiveness of the case and app. The Moment app also allows you to save TIFF files, and you can shoot video in the app as well.

There are two downsides that we’ve discovered. The focus sometimes was too shallow for many of our product closeups. Slightly shifting the iPhone would result in the subject being slightly out of focus which was annoying at times. The second downside is that there isn’t a burst shot function. This means that the Moment case is intended for users who take the time to frame their shots rather than the “spray and pray” type of photographer.


Moment Lens – Unseats our current lens quality champion!

For the Lens quality, Moment claims that there isn’t any distortion and has minimal chromatic aberration. We found that both these claims were true but they better be since Moment charges you  $100USD a lens. Our current favorite wide angle lens before this review was the Ztylus Prime and the Moment lens has a little less distortion at the edges. We took several photos comparing the two lenses and the Moment Lens edges out the Ztylus Prime in every photo.

Moment Lens Case Review - Lens Quality vs Snap

Moment Lens Case Review - Lens Quality

The Moment Lens is miles ahead from other lenses from HitCase, Bitplay, and Olloclip.

Moment Case and Lens Review - iPhone 6sNow we mentioned earlier about the case and lens compromising the quality of the photos. If you don’t correctly install the case, you’ll end up having the camera misaligned with the lens which results in a bit of shadowing in the photographs. Pushing the iPhone into the case reduces this problem. This isn’t a big problem but the Moment Case is the only product that we’ve encountered this issue with.


Again, for our Moment Case & Lens Review, we gave this iPhone camera case a score of 3.7 Eh’s out of 5. Have questions? Please ask them on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page.



  1. Dan Nelson

    November 6, 2016 at 11:06 am

    You mention to get the stuff through you. Are you importing them into Canada?

  2. Cynthia

    November 16, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    yes these look great but cannot find them in Canada! How do we through you????

    • Aaron Ho

      November 18, 2016 at 5:19 pm

      If you don’t see it on Amazon, you’ll just have to get it straight through them. Let them know that you bought them because of my review!

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