Mophie H2Pro Review – iPhone 6


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This iPhone case costs $130?

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Mophie H2Pro Review - iPhone 6


Mophie H2Pro Review – Sure, your iPhone gets more power but you’ll be using it less

Today we’re going to review the Mophie H2Pro. This is a tough, waterproof iPhone case that comes with a battery pack. The H2Pro tries to do many things at once and doesn’t really succeed at any of them other than costing you $130 dollars.

The H2Pro is a waterproof shockproof case that comes with a 2750 mah spare battery. The battery portion works fairly well and has a unique feature that sets it apart from other battery cases. However, this feature doesn’t make up for the frustrating access to your iPhone inside the case and the fact that you’re going to drop the Mophie H2Pro way more because of its slickness. There is only one redeeming fact and that has to deal with the screen protector.

For our Mophie H2Pro review, we’ve given this iPhone batter case a score of 3.1 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the lowest rated cases that we’ve reviewed as its generally very frustrating to use, especially when compared to the LifeProof Fre Power, a similar tough, waterproof iPhone case. If you’re looking for a battery case that’s not waterproof, consider getting an Otterbox Resurgence. Click here if you want to see the three compared side-by-side. If you’re looking for regular waterproof cases, check out our comparison tool!


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Design – The box that the case comes in has more grip

Mophie H2Pro Review - Size of case

In terms of design, this is a bulky case but that’s to be expected since it does contain a spare battery. Installation of the case is fairly simple and like most other waterproof cases, you’re probably going to need to use a coin to pop it open.

For build quality, there are some really good things about the Mophie H2Pro and some odd things. Generally, the case feels well built as when compared to the Fre Power, doesn’t show as much scuffing after a date with concrete.

With that being said, holding the case with one hand is difficult given the size of the case as well as the slick texture. However, the slick texture is “grippy” enough to keep your iPhone from slipping around on a flat surface so your iPhone isn’t going to go flying off a table, just out of your hand. As an interesting side note, the texture on the box makes it easier to handle than the H2Pro.

Our general observation of the case is that it doesn’t feel solid because of the screen protector and the buttons which will be elaborated on below.


Protection – “Ultra-Rugged” says Mophie. We disagree.

Mophie H2Pro Review - Drop test

In terms of protection, we’ve done a full set of drops and water tests so if you’re need more details, such as a close up of the waterproofing, check out that torture test video. We will note that the Mophie H2Pro is generally not as tough as other waterproof iPhone cases as its rated to only 4ft for both water and drop.

Screen protection is going to be a little better than other cases because Mophie advises that you use one with the case to improve screen usability. Mophie does included a thin plastic screen protector with the package but you can get away without using it but we you should because screen usability takes a hit if you don’t.

We don’t know if this is an excuse for poor build quality or if its intentional but because of this “feature”, we would say that the Mophie H2Pro is more of a friendly situational case. Your iPhone will be a little safer because of the second screen protector but this second screen protector needs to fairly thin as a thick glass one will definitely hamper screen usability.

We had a BodyGuardz anti-glare screen protector and the iPhone was almost unusable in the case. Again, this “feature” is one of the few things that make the H2Pro appealing which is quite sad.


Functionality – So VERY frustrating

Mophie H2Pro Review - Buttons are tough to use

Accessing your iPhone inside the case is where the Mophie H2Pro falls flat on its face. The buttons are tough to use and after a couple of installs, the mute switch stopped working. The camera flash is generally uncovered and the glass covering the camera lens generally doesn’t get in the way of pictures.

Sound coming from the bottom speaker is actually quite nice. Unlike the Fre Power, covering up the speaker cutout doesn’t mute the iPhone much so you’re going to be able to hear the iPhone in the H2Pro almost anywhere. Sound coming from the ear piece speaker is quite muted and call quality, like most other waterproof cases, makes it sound like you’re in a box.

Screen viewability is horrendous with the default screen protectors. The screen protector that provides the waterproofing has significant gaps that you have to deal with. The gaps are lessened with a second screen protector but are noticeable which also results in your iPhone’s touchscreen looking “wavy”. The entire setup with the Mophie results in the diffusion of the iPhone’s touchscreen so your crisp Retina HD screen looks like it came from 2007. The iPhone’s screen is tough to view as the sun just really blows out the contrast of the iPhone’s touchscreen. This is one of the worst iPhone cases that we’ve come across for functionality and is right down there with the Tech21 Patriot.


Battery Pack – More power!

Mophie H2Pro Review - Case interior

You can definitely tell that Mophie makes battery cases because the case portion of the Mophie H2Pro is well-built and will double the life of your iPhone. We’ve confirmed this many times with the last time while Aaron spent 9 hours playing Rebuild 3, Gangs of Deadville for 9 hours.

This battery case will charge your iPhone until its full but after that, it allows the iPhone to draw power from the spare battery pack rather than the iPhone. This means that your iPhone will almost always have 100% charge when its in the Mophie H2Pro which is different than the LifeProof Fre Power with its automatic shutoff. We don’t believe that one process is better than the other but it is a different way of managing the power to your iPhone.


Again, we gave this case a score of 3.1 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re looking for a better tough, waterproof iPhone case with a spare battery pack, consider taking a look at the LifeProof Fre Power.

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  1. Sid

    September 15, 2015 at 6:30 am

    Video won’t play, says “this video is private”

    • John

      February 17, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      This Mophie juice pack H2 pro case is not worth purchasing since it is very difficult for callers to hear phone conversations because of voices are muffled and make use of a new IPhone 6S cell phone impossible. Use of the buttons on the iPhone 6s is also significantly negatively effected. I do not recommend using this case or purchasing it. I am very disappointed by this manufacturers product since I’ve purchased other cases from Mophie which worked well. Jfxmjr1

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