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Mophie Hold Force Review – Modular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases

The Mophie Hold Force is like Batman’s utility belt for your iPhone!

Get the Mophie Hold Force on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!



Mophie Hold Force Review – Offers the best 360 degree protection for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

The Mophie Hold Force magnetic phone case system is very handy. In fact, if you’re a business person, we think this product should be on your shortlist for cases. Why? Because it works well for almost all business related events and occasions.

The Hold Force case itself isn’t too bad of a case but it won’t offer much in terms of drop protection when compared to other slim cases. The strength of the case comes from the magnetic back which allows you to attach a variety of different accessories to the back…if you have the cash for it. There is one accessory that we think is absolute garbage. You’ll have to find out which one it is below.

Mophie Hold Force iPhone 7 Review TableAt the time of this review, if you spend $80 dollars, you can get the wallet, folio, battery pack and case which would result in a the Mophie Hold Force getting a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re just getting the case, than the score is 3.5 Eh’s out of 5. Basically, get the Hold Force system and not just the case. If you’re just looking for a case, check out the Top 10 guides for the iPhone 7. We’ve also done a review on the Mophie Juice Pack Air as well so check that out if you want to know more about Mophie’s iPhone 7 products.

Get the Mophie Hold Force on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!

Design – Hold Force Case fits well together

Seamless back -Mophie Hold Force iPhone 7 ReviewVisually, the Hold Force case looks nice (to us anyways). The standout design feature is the giant rubbery piece on the back of the case. It greatly helps with the handling of the iPhone in your hand. We were able to overlook the reduced handling from the slick corners on the case because of the giant rubbery back. It also doesn’t look too bad when used with an iPhone skin from Slickwraps.

Size differences between Mophie products - Mophie Hold Force iPhone 7 ReviewThe thickness of the Hold Force isn’t consistent as it is thicker at the corners than the sides. The polycarbonate edges are thicker than an ultra-thin case so it will be noticeable on the 7 Plus. The case fits well together as the rubber piece that contains the magnet in the middle of the case attaches to the polycarbonate pieces quite seamlessly.

The case will slide around easily when placed face first which isn’t great and the clear corners will show scratches easily. It isn’t as apparent as other cases because of the thickness of the corners.


Protection – Won’t protect your iPhone much

Rubber backed case - Mophie Hold Force iPhone 7 ReviewFor protection, we’re not sure the Hold Force case will do much in a drop. The case isn’t drop-rated and the polycarbonate corners do not have any air pockets or TPU shock absorbing pads. We’re sure it will prevent damage from an accidental waist drop but we aren’t going to go out of the way to drop it any higher. Also, the bottom of the iPhone is exposed to a higher degree than other case which isn’t great.

Functionality – No issues with access

When it comes to accessing the iPhone, we had no issues with the buttons or the ports or the camera. One-handed usage is decent despite the slick corners because the edge of the case aren’t too rounded and your fingers have a bit of texture to dig in with the rubber back.


Powerstation Plus Mini – A good choice for everybody

Out of the three accessories listed on Mophie’s website, the spare battery pack is probably going to be the most useful in our opinion since it works with any device. The unit charges via a Micro-USB cable and plugs into your iPhone using a regular lightning cable. Or if you’re using a different device, you can pull of the Lightning head and use the Micro-USB output. The dual-head feature is very hand.

Powerstation Mini Plus - Mophie Hold Force iPhone 7 ReviewThe standout feature isn’t the dual head. It is the simple action of being able to stick a battery pack to the back of an iPhone. It is such a simple concept but works so well. With this setup, you’re getting the benefit of a battery case without the bulk. When attached together, you’re basically treating the iPhone and battery pack as one unit rather a separate battery bank that’s charging your iPhone. It makes the iPhone easier to use while it’s charging. Check out the video to see how strong the magnetic attraction between the case and batter unit is.

Powerstation Mini Plus - Mophie Hold Force iPhone 7 ReviewIn Aaron’s old suit wearing days, there was no way he could use a battery case on a daily basis because it was way too big to fit in dress pants or suit jacket pockets. With a Mophie Hold Force setup, he can actually keep both on him without having the the units show through whatever he is wearing. This something that cannot be said for the Mophie Juice Pack Air.


Hold Force Wallet – An on-the-go wallet case when you need it.

We’re big fans of picking the right tool for the job. The Hold Force Wallet is perfect for those days where you only need 1-2 cards rather than your entire wallet or purse. Our friend Agata really likes this setup because she can easily turn the iPhone into a wallet case for short trips out to the store. The design works better than other similar cases like the Incipio Esquire or any of the other on-the-go wallets in our Top 10 iPhone wallet case list.

Again, pick what you need and leave the extra cards at home!


Hold Force Folio – How is this even a product?

In our opinion, Mophie needs to get rid of this product. Or update it. Getting this product in the mail and looking at how it fits with the Hold Force case felt like a kick in the nuts. The fit of the Folio is horrendous as the edges of the folio extend past the case and are very noticeable. There is a significant gap between the folio and the front of the iPhone. The gap still exists even with a full-loaded folio cover.

What’s odd is that the folio case fits the Mophie Juice Pack Air perfectly. But that product didn’t come out till several months after the Hold Force case came out. If you check the Mophie website right now, you’ll find that the Folio isn’t an official accessory for the Juice Pack Air despite the perfect fit. It really doesn’t make any sense.


That’s all we have for this modular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus system. Have questions for our Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 7 Review? Please ask them below, or on our Facebook page or our About Us page. To stay up to date on everything we’re doing, check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

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