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Moshi Endura Review – Sporty iPhone 6s cases

Take your iPhone safely on your bike, during workouts and while running (if you’re into stuff like that)


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Moshi Endura Review – Comes with a great locking mechanism and 10 ft drop protection!

The Moshi Endura is Moshi’s toughest case to date as you get to drop it from 10 ft! The strength of the Endura comes from its mounting system as well as the overall protection it offers your device. Like every other Moshi accessory we’ve reviewed, the build quality of the product is top notch!

For our Moshi Endura Review, we’ve given it a score of 4.5 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the better iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed for the 6’s as it is right around the same level as the Rhinoshield Playproof and the Thule Atmos X4. In fact, this is the highest rated Moshi Case out of the iOn, Armor, Kameleon and Napa! Check out to see what the top 10 slim and tough cases are from our reviews!

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Design – The Endura has a unique mounting system

Moshi Endura Review - Mounting system - iPhone 6s

The Endura has a unique back which houses the mounting port. We found the mounting mechanism a little easier to use than the Rokform system as you can easily press the case on the bike or arm mount rather than twisting. Releasing the Endura is accomplished by pressing the eject button along the side and not once during test workouts did we accidentally have the Enudra pop off the mount.

The Endura wears well over time as the outer shell of the case takes a beating fairly well. The case feels solid which translates to confidence in knowing your iPhone is well-protected if an accident was to happen. The outer shell is also quite rubbery which improves the handling of your iPhone.

Moshi Endura Review - Armband - iPhone 6s

The benefit of Moshi’s armband design, other than the unique locking system is the fact that your arm doesn’t get as sweaty. The iPhone sits off your arm so there isn’t any perspiration that’s going to accumulate. Adjusting the strap is easily done through the Velcro strap.

Moshi Endura Review - Bike Mount - iPhone 6s

The bike mount can be adjusted to fit different sized handlebars and can be quickly removed without tools if you’re paranoid that somebody is going to take the mount.

Protection – You could drop the Endura from 10 ft? But why?

Moshi Endura Review - Water resistance screen protector - iPhone 6s

When it comes to protection, the Endura is one of the few cases that claims it is water resistant. We’ve seen lots of cases that are waterproof but few say they are water resistance and has features to back it up. The features that make the Endura water resistant are the films that cover all the audio portions of the iPhone. The screen protector has a black film that covers the speaker which surprisingly, doesn’t reduce the sound coming from the ear piece speaker which is awesome. The TouchID is covered in a thin film which means that there is no way water is reaching the insides of your iPhone from the front.

Moshi Endura Review - Drop - iPhone 6s

When it comes to drop protection, 10 ft is nothing to laugh at. Actually, it is something to laugh at because the average person isn’t going to be dropping it from 10 ft. And if your iPhone does fall from 10 ft, there’s a good chance that it might be attached to you or your bike which means that you’re going to have bigger problems than having a cracked screen on your iPhone.

Functionality – It is a Moshi case so you know the access is going to be great!

We didn’t have any major issues accessing the iPhone in the Endura. The buttons, like all Moshi cases, are very nice to use, and the cutouts at the bottom of the case are quite large. We did have a minor issue with the camera flash as the cutout does cut off a tiny bit of the flash. It won’t destroy your photographs but it’s something worth noting.

The included screen protector looks like a variation of their Anti-glare screen protector and does provide edge to edge protection. Like the AG, there isn’t any adhesive on the touchable area of the iPhone but screen sensitivity isn’t really reduced. There is a bit of diffusion which is annoying and the screen protector makes viewing your iPhone difficult at a certain angle.

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