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Moshi iGlaze ion Review – iPhone 6 Battery cases

Huh. Moshi made a battery case that is useful!


Moshi iGlaze ion Review – Need extra power? Hate extra bulk? Then you definitely need this case

Today we’re going to do a review on the Moshi iGlaze ion, a two-piece, slide-on battery pack. We’ll be honest with you; this is the smartest iPhone battery case that we’ve used because it can be a battery case when it needs to be. Our biggest grip with battery cases is the size of the product, but that’s not the case for the Moshi iGlaze ion. iPhone needs power? iPhone gets a little bulk. iPhone doesn’t need power? iPhone becomes slim again. It’s ingenious!

For our Moshi iGlaze ion review, we’ve give the case a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5 but the entire setup is currently our favourite battery case because of the two piece design. If you’re wondering what else we’ve reviewed of Moshi, doing a quick search on the site and it will show you all the Moshi products reviewed that have been reviewed to date.


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The iPhone case – Pretty sure we’ve seen this before

In terms of design, there isn’t anything new here, especially if you’ve seen some of our other Moshi iPhone case reviews. The Moshi Napa, Kameleon and Ion all share the same base. The biggest difference is the texture on the back for the ion which is just a different color than the backing found on the Kameleon. The texture enhances the usability of the iPhone in the case and surprisingly keeps the iPhone in place when sitting on a table.

If you need to know more about the case, check out our Moshi iGlaze Napa review.


Protection – The case is drop-rated. The battery pack isn’t so be careful

The case portion of the Moshi iGlaze ion is drop-rated rated to 4ft which is the standard drop height for most cases. The battery case isn’t drop-rated and will come off if accidently dropped.


Battery case functionality – Why hasn’t anybody else thought of this?

A unique feature of this battery pack case is the detachable battery pack. This setup allows you to charge your iPhone when need to without having to deal with a bulky case all the time or having to carry a spare cable and a battery pack.

The battery pack attaches quickly to the case by sliding the iPhone case slightly above the lightening connector and sliding it down. The entire setup is quite stable as we were unable to shake the battery pack loose.

The second thing we like about this setup is that you can still easily use your headphones without having to deal with a tiny extension. Moshi does include a headphone jack extension, but if you’re like us, we hate having to carry around extra cables. Being able to remove the back means that we can thread the earphone cables easily into the iPhone. Unlike other cases where you have to pack the cable into the headphone hole with the hopes of getting it all the way in.

The spare battery pack has a capacity of 2750 mAh which means this case will double the life of an iPhone. The output of the charge comes in at 2.1 A which means that your iPhone charges quicker than using the standard iPhone charger plug. The case will stop charging once the iPhone reaches 100% or turn off after 20 mins (if you’re pressed it accidently).

The iOn battery pack is charged through a MicroUSB cable which also allows you to sync your iPhone through the case which is nice. The status is shown by 4 led’s on the back of the case, and you can start/stop charging by pressing the button at the bottom of the case.


Again, for our Moshi iGlaze ion Review, we gave this Moshi iPhone 6(s+) battery case a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5. Have questions? Please ask them on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page.

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