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The best iPhone 6/6s case for the super FaceTimer user? or Skype’r?

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Moshi Kameleon Review – A well-built iPhone case with an integrated kickstand

Today we’re going to review the Moshi Kameleon. If you FaceTime or Skype a lot, this might be the iPhone case for you because of its kickstand. The only drawback is that the kickstand does add a bit of thickness to the case which makes it bigger than the average iPhone case. We’ve had a lot of deja vu with the Moshi Kameleon because its basically the same case as the iGlaze Napa and the case portion of the iGlaze Ion which means that this is going to be a really short review!

For our Moshi Kameleon Review, we’ve given this iPhone case a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. As we mentioned before, the added size lowers the score a bit when compared to other Moshi cases such as the Napa, Luxe and regular iGlaze’s. If you’re looking for other multi-function cases, check out the Clipstic Pro by Scooch, the Loopy Vibe and the Spigen Style Ring.


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Design – A case with a kickstand?

Moshi Kameleon Review - Kickstand

We’re going to cheat a little with this review as the majority of the case has already been reviewed in our Moshi iGlaze Napa review. The focus for the remainder of the review will be on the differences between the Kameleon and Napa.

For design, there are two things that set the Chameleon apart from the Napa which is the material that goes on the back. It looks like a piece of textured cloth and if you listen carefully in the video, you can hear it that it has a bit texture to it. Now this fabric adds a bit of friction to the back of the case which makes this case a little easier to handle than the Napa.

The most glaring difference is probably the kickstand. Unlike other cases that try to hide the kickstand, Moshi does a great job of accenting it and making it a standout feature of the case. The kickstand is easy to access though it won’t open unless you want it to. It does make a slight clicking noise so if you’re like me and has very finicky hands, you might want to stay away from this case. Or if you’re like me who has finicky hands, you might want to get this case because it will entertain your hands for hours on end.

Functionality – Looks nice AND is functional? Blasphemy!

Moshi Kameleon Review - Perfect angle for FaceTime

Now out of all the kickstand cases that we’ve reviewed, this is the only one that really works well with FaceTime or any type of video conferencing. The kickstand is low enough on the case that it holds it closer to a 90 degree angle so you can easily free up both your hands while doing your video conferencing. The kickstand is easy enough to access that you can easily prop it open with one hand and allows you to use the iPhone in both landscape and portrait modes.

Similar cases to the Kameleon include the Scooch Clipstic Pro and Loopy series of cases and neither one of them offers the same angle for video conferencing (though the Kameleon doesn’t offer any real benefit for one-handed usage). There are attachments accessories that you can get such as the Fly Grip and Spigen Style Ring that might get you that angle but the placement of the attachment is going to make it useless (See the video for an example). It also means you have to deal with a iregular shaped item on the back of your sleek iPhone.

Despite all our praise for the kickstand, we will say that the iPhone isn’t terribly stable as a slight tap on the top of the iPhone will make it fall. This shouldn’t be much of a problem since you’ll be using this mostly on a flat surface and the Kameleon is a bigger case with high enough edges that a small face first fall shouldn’t be an issue.


Again, for our Moshi Kameleon Review, we gave this iPhone 6s case a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. Have questions? Please ask them on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page.

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