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How useful is it? Moto 360 Review – Smartwatch 2015


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Functionality vs. Looks…what do you value more?

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Moto 360 Review

Moto 360 Review – Looks great but doesn’t handle well

Today we’re going to review the Moto 360. This an Android Wear smartwatch and is the only one that we know of right now that has a circular face.The Moto 360 looks quite similar to a normal watch which some people will prefer over the more pronounce looking devices like the Samsung Gear S. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that offers above basic features that can be customizable, the Moto 360 is worth a good look if you have an Android device. However, the entire user experience of the Moto 360 is lacking when compared to other smartwatches as it seems to get in the way of itself and its not a good fitness device.

For our Moto 360 Review, we’ve given this smartwatch a score of 3.3 Eh’s out of 5. We like it a little better than the Pebble Classic but the features that set it apart from the Pebble are pretty sub-par and the 360 definitely doesn’t hold up as well to the Samsung Gear S or the Apple Watch.

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Moto 360 Review - Gets caught on everything

Design – Looks unique but is a pain to use everyday

In terms of design, the Moto 360 wears fairly well. The device didn’t suffer any major scratches through out our review period and any sort of grease grime on the back of the watch was easy to clean up.

The Motorola 360 isn’t the most comfortable smartwatch to wear as the sharp edges of the device had a tendency to get caught on clothing and the rounded edges protruded far enough out that it was noticeable during any exercise that required a bit of wrist movement.

In terms of aesthetics, we’re not terrible thrilled with the design but thats our opinion. We know that many Motorola smartwatch users are happy with the circular face and from our conversations, we know that people generally like circular watch faces.

As mentioned before, one of the Moto 360’s greatest benefit is the ability to customize the look of the watch. There are tons of different watch faces and the brightness of the device almost makes it look like a real watch when its on. To take the customization one step further, the default straps on the 360 can be removed and other watch straps attached.


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