Mous Clarity Review – A great tough case for the iPhone XR/XS?

We’ve never been a fan of clear iPhone cases. They either handle poorly or too aggressively. And they also scratch quite easily. Not to mention the rainbowing and grease look. But the Mous Clarity is not like the other clear cases.

The Mous Clarity handles well, doesn’t scratch easily and is quite tough. The only downside is that it suffers the same fingerprinting issues as every other clear case and a bit of rainbowing under certain light conditions. But out of the 100’s of cases clear cases we’ve used over the years, the Mous Clarity is one of the best we’ve come across!

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4.4 Eh’s out of 5



  • Handles well
  • The back doesn’t scratch easily


  • Rainbowing effect 
  • Prone to fingerprints  

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The Mous Clarity has taller corners that taper towards the middle of the device. This simple but unique design feature ensures that the Mous Clarity doesnʼt feel overly bulky despite having slightly taller corners. We say taller corners because the actual width of the case isnʼt that affected by the larger corners as the case is 2mm skinnier than comparable cases from Griffin and Pelican. This design feature is especially important for the iPhone XR because of the added thickness on that device. Cases that feel slim on iPhone XS, will feel massive on iPhone XR.

The Mous Clarity is actually thinner than the Mous Limitless 2.0. But from a protection standpoint, this will matter a little bit.

Overall, the case fits very well together, Mous Clarity doesnʼt feel like a block of plastic like the Griffin Survivor Strong nor doesnʼt it feel like a plastic wrap like the Tech 21 cases do. The build quality is there, as the case edge is fused cleanly. The Mous Clarity also wonʼt slide around easily on its front or back.

Mous pays a lot of attention to the design of their products. For the Mous Clarity, Mous added a slight lip to the back of the case which helps with the handling of the case. The lip on the back also raises it to reduce the potential for micro-abrasions on the back of the case. One of the problems that we have with clear cases is that they are too tacky or too slick so having this lip makes this clear case easier to use.

Another problem of clear cases for us is how easily the back getʼs scratched. With the Mous Clarity, Mous has added a rubber coating that improves the grip of the product and keeps it scratch free.

We also like the coating on the back of the Mous Clarity. The back has a nice gummy texture that is fun to poke every once in a while. The back also provides your fingers with a bit more texture than a case with a hard polycarbonate back. Mous Clarity actually feels much more like a pure TPU case like the ones from Tech 21. But unlike the cases from Tech 21, the Mous Clarity is going to be a little tougher as it is more rigid.

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Mous Clarity’s buttons are easy to use and the cutout for the lightning cable will allow any 3rd party cable you have. Qi-charging works fine.

However, Mous Clarity does suffer the same fate when it comes to fingerprinting as well as rainbowing. Fingerprinting is a problem for all clear cases and with the iPhone XR, the severity of the issue will depend on the color of your iPhone (the darker the color is, the worse it is).


When it comes to protection, the Mous Clarity is tough. Tougher than the average clear case But not as tough as the Mous Limitless.

In general, for the face first drops, the rigidity of the back of the Mous Clarity plays an important role in keeping the edge of the case on iPhone. On cases like the average Tech 21 case, the case edge comes off the iPhone on face first drops. That’s less likely to happen with the Mous Clarity.

With that being said, we did end up breaking a couple of iPhone screens in Mous Clarity because we were a little too ambitious with our drops. Our iPhone X suffered a cataclysmic failure after we tossed it 8 ft in the air and it landed face first on uneven asphalt.

The screen on our iPhone XR eventually cracked after several drops which was surprising given how much we dropped the iPhone XS in our Mous Hybrid Glass review and the iPhone screen was fine. But there is one big difference as the distance between the edge of the case and the average screen protector on the iPhone XR is 4mm whereas the distance is less than 2mm on the iPhone XS and XS Max. In short, more of the iPhone XR is exposed when compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Regardless, after 35 drops, the iPhone XR still works so despite a couple of cracks, we’d say the Mous Clarity did its job.

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