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Mous Evolution IntraLock Case Review

If you are an avid Quad Lock user, you might want to check out the new mountable case system from Mous called Intralock. Mous has made their mountable iPhone case slim, and MagSafe compatible so it is a case worth checking out! More in our Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case review! 

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Mous Evolution Intralock

The Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case is very similar to one of our favorite phone cases, the Mous Limitless 4.0. They have the same large corners, tapered edges along the screen edge, and AiroShock material on the edge of the case. Not to mention they are MagSafe compatible. 

But wait, there’s more. The Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case has some new features that we wish Mous Limitless 4.0 had. The floating buttons and grip strip are very nice additions that make using Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case as a normal case.

It also has a lanyard attachment point, if you fancy that. The case won’t slide around easily on the front or back as well.

Intralock System

With the Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case, Mous has added something called the Intralock system. 

The back of the Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case has four cutouts located within the MagSafe Magnets. These cutouts expand on the inside of the case, which improves the strength of the mounting system. It’s important to note that the cutouts are punched into something quite rigid. It doesn’t have the same flex as the rest of the case.


Mous Evolution Intralock Cutout Close up
Mous Evolution Intralock Close up

The inside of the case is lined with a layer of rubber that helps prevent dust from scratching the back of the iPhone. This feature is handy since the back of the iPhone is exposed because of the cutouts. 

The Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case also doesn’t have any extra magnets, which is different from similar products from Peak and Rokform. Mous’s MagSafe implementation looks identical to Apple, which is something we can’t say for Peak or Rokform. 

If we set the IntraLock mount like a compass, there are two retractable teeth at the east and west that lock into the back of the case. There are guides at North and South. You can mount your iPhone in either landscape or portrait mode.

These teeth are released by pressing on the buttons on the side. You’ll have to release each side to remove the mount. Mous states that IntraLock is a mechanical connection, but Mous uses magnets to help align the mount. The magnets in the mount do not look like the ones in the case, but the magnetic field coming from the mounts isn’t as strong as from other cases.


Like the Mous Limitless 4.0, the Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case uses polycarbonate, TPU, and AiroShock, a type of TPE for drop protection. The corners of the case are larger, so they provide your screen with a bit more clearance than the average case. The Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case is a bit looser than the Mous Limitless 4.0 but not loose enough to cause concern. We’re more comfortable dropping our iPhone in the Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case case than the Peak Design Case.

The Evolution will protect your iPhone easily from 6+ ft drops. If you need a solid day-to-day mountable case that’s tough, it’s hard to pass up on the Mous Evolution.


When it comes to using the iPhone, we had no issues. Screen access and buttons worked well. No problems with port cutout or the mute switch.

We had no issues using MagSafe accessories like battery packs, wallets, PopGrips, and other accessories. There were no extra magnets to pull things away from the MagSafe Mount.


Mous Intralock vs QuadLock

Mous Evolution Intralock and Quad Lock Mount Comparison

IntraLock only has one mount mechanism

With the Quad Lock case, you have two different types of mounts. You have the twist mount and the locking twist mount. The twist mount by itself isn’t as secure as the Intralock. The locking Quad Lock mount is just as secure as the Intralock but is harder to use with one hand. Also, aligning the Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case with an Intralock mount is easier because of the magnets.

Compatible MagSafe Accessories onMous Evolution Intralock

MagSafe accessories can’t be used with Quad Lock

The Quad Lock has a big hump on the back for the mount which makes MagSafe accessories incompatible. There are accessories you can get for the Quad Lock case but they aren’t that useful. Check out our Quad Lock review for the full story. The Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case allows you to both mount and use MagSafe accessories. Even outside of MagSafe, the IntraLock can be mounted with a GoPro tripod mount which makes it great for the creatives. Or anybody with a selfie pole.

Mous Evolution Intralock and Quad Lock difference

Quad Lock Case is bulkier and not as tough

The Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case is a better case. Not as bulky and easier to use. Quality of life features like the tapered edges and floating buttons, coupled with triple-layered protection mean that your iPhone is going to be better protected and easier to use. When it comes to the strength of the actual mounting system, we would say it’s a tie. We were able to crank the mount of the Quad Lock and Mous Evolution IntraLock Phone Case with the same amount of force.

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