Mous Hybrid Glass Review

Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector is a tough screen protector. The Hybrid Glass doesn’t feel sticky and is tougher than glass screen protectors. However, it is not as tough as a full plastic PET impact screen protectors which makes sense since itʼs a “hybrid”. But  most people aren’t going to notice the difference in the protection. In fact, we would definitely recommend the Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector over most regular PET screen protectors and some glass! More in our Mous Hybrid Glass Review!

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4.2 Eh’s out of 5



  • Nice smooth coating
  • Scratch resistance for day-to-day scratches
  • Better drop protection than glass screen protectors


  • Doesn’t cover the whole iPhone
  • Not as tough at PET screen protectors (by a little bit)
  • Not as scratch resistant as glass

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do reviews based on actual usage. For our Mous Hybrid Glass Review, we dropped our own iPhone dozens of times, face first, before writing this review.


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When we first installed this Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector, we were surprised at how thin the product was especially when compared to a similar product, the Zagg InvisbileShield Sapphire Defense.

Installation of the Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector was incredibly easy and we will say that Mousʼs method of installation beats the frame method used by Zagg and is simpler than Spigenʼs install tray. Included in the packaging is your standard wipe, cloth, dust sticker and squeegee.


Unlike Zagg, Mous is a little more straight forward when it comes to their product descriptions. Nothing is infused, itʼs just a layer of glass on top of polyethylene terephthalate or PET. We didnʼt come across any issues with the adhesive as the edges of the screen protector didnʼt show any bubbling, a problem youʼd find on cheaper products.


Whatʼs the benefit of having a dual layer setup? With the glass layer, you get smoothness and the “clarity” of glass and with the PET layer, you get impact protection. The clarity on the hybrid glass might be better but you’re still viewing your iPhone through a layer of plastic PET layer which theoretically doesnʼt have the same clearness as the glass.

Also, the Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector is very flexible which bodes well for impact protection. Some people will not believe it but glass does bend. And it generally has to do with the thickness of the glass as well as quality. Here’s a microscopic look at the screen protector. Pretty sure PET plastic doesnʼt crack like that.

Mous Hybrid Glass vs. Regular PET Screen Protectors

There are three benefits and two downsides to the Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector
over the PET screen protectors.

Smooth feeling

Hybrid glass has the same smooth feeling as glass. For example, our go to high impact plastic screen protectors is the one from Evolutive Labs and despite being very smooth, still has a slightly tacky feel to it. Itʼs the same story for PET screen protectors that you will get with every Mous case. You donʼt get this tacky feeling with the Hybrid Glass.

Nice oleophobic coating

Hybrid glass has glass coating which means youʼll get a slightly better fingerprint resistance for the first few months.

Better scratch protection

The glass coating is going to offer better scratch protection than the PET version. Our fingernails can actually leave marks on the plastic screen protector whereas the Hybrid glass stays clear.

The only con is when compared to the PET screen protector, Glass Hybrid might not be as tough. From our perspective, the thicker the screen protector is, the more protection itʼs going to offer. If you’re wondering by how much, it’s really hard to say. From our tests, the PET screen protector looked like it was in better shape after being dropped multiple times.

Mous Hybrid Glass vs. Regular Glass Screen Protectors

The Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector is more scratch resistant than the regular PET one. But the Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector scratch resistance pales in comparison to the average tempered glass screen protector. Our Leatherman doesnʼt leave a mark on a FloLab screen protector but will leave a visible scratch on the Hybrid glass. From our perspective, the scratch resistance is maybe around 5-6H where as the glass would be around 9H and regular plastic being around 3H. This is the first downside when compared to actual glass.

The second downside is the coverage. Glass can be formed, grinded and polished down to provide 100% coverage for your iPhone screen. You canʼt do that with plastic so the edges of the iPhone are left exposed.


The last thing we’ll mention is that even being incredibly thin, the edge of a Glass Hybrid will be noticeable especially if youʼre transitioning from an edge to edge screen protector.

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