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Mous Limitless 2.0 Review – An amazing iPhone X case!

The Mous Limitless 2.0 is one tough case. We dropped an iPhone in the Mous Limitless 48 times and the iPhone ~still works. We were skeptical at first seeing how flimsy the prototypes broke a couple of years ago but Mous has made many improvements. 

But the thing that sets this product apart are the accessories. The leather flip wallet? One of the best designed wallet cases we’ve seen. More in our Mous Limitless 2.0 Review!

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5 Eh’s out of 5


  • Can withstand many drops
  • Handles well
  • Unique design features
  • Has a nice flip and card wallet accessory
  • Free screen protector has sharp edges
  • The buttons could be better

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do reviews based on actual usage. We do tests and use the products for days and maybe weeks. For this Mous Limitless 2.0 Review, we drop our iPhone X not once but 48 times!

As you can probably imagine, we take our case reviews way too seriously. We spend so much time looking at the details of the case. If you like how we do our reviews, please consider buying the products on the links scattered on this article. Want a discount off your own Mous Limitless? Use the code MobileReviewsEh2010-20FS at www.mous.co to get 20% off!


We are very impressed with the updated design of the Mous Limitless 2.0. Mous has paid a lot of attention to their products and accessories. And it shows. The Mous Limitless 2.0 feels solid as the back is very rigid. The back 1/3 of the case is polycarbonate and the front 2/3ʼs of the case is made from TPU thatʼs fused with Airo Shock.

Airo Shock is a proprietary material made by Mous which contains tiny pockets of air and cross-linking polymer chains that act like springs. Thatʼs what the marketing fluff says. But in simple terms, the Airo Shock absorbs impact extremely well. With all the drops we did for this Mous Limitless 2.0 review , we have noticed that the iPhone bounces quite gracefully in the case. In fact Airo Shock works so well that hammering the case doesnʼt seem to bother the iPhone in the case.

There are several different back finishes to choose from which include: carbon fibre, walnut, shell, leather and bamboo. Shell is actually our favourite finish, not because of how it looks but because itʼs made from actual shell.

We asked around for other people’s opinion about the look of the shell case. The stand out reply to us was “Beautiful ocean surrounded by oil”. The person was referring to the black edge of the cases. It was actually a nice way of saying that the black edge doesnʼt work too well with the lighter backs.

We did ask Mous about a white cases and they sent us the picture below. So theyʼre working on it.

The Mous Limitless 2.0 looks slick but has enough texture to generally keep it from sliding around on a flat surface. The Mous Limitless 2.0 has oversized corners which helps with handling and protection. It is important to note that the mid-section of the case thins out, sitting almost flush to the iPhone screen.

Weʼve been using this carbon fibre case on and off for the last few months and we have no issues with general wear and tear. The carbon fibre backing scuffs a bit but thatʼs something that happens to all carbon fibre backed cases. Overall, if you are really rough with your device, you will notice that the polycarbonate back will scuff up easier than the TPU front.

The last thing weʼll talk about is the magnets that are embedded in the back of the case. Mous calls this their Auto-align system. The magnets are laid out in a way that they do not interfere with Qi-charging from normal desktop chargers or car chargers. We will note that there are only three magnets in the case which means using the wall mount will only work in two ways rather than four. Mous informed us that the 4th magnet messed with the iPhone Xʼs compass. 

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If youʼve been visiting this site for a while, youʼll know that we appreciate companies who have accessories that make our tech easier to use. Mous is one of those companies. Their accessories are very well thought out.

For this Mous Limitless 2.0 review, Mous sent us a couple of accessories such as the wall mounts, flip wallet and wallet card case.

wall mount

For all those times that you wish you could easily see your device, the $25 wall mount is going to be your best friend. Basically the wall mount is a small semi-permanent mount that you stick to a wall or an other flat vertical surface. Like the Mous Limitless 2.0, the wall mount feels sturdy and solid. There are two magnets on the wall mount that are covered with tacky rubber. The iPhone will not accidentally slide off the mount. The wall mount attaches to whatever surface you decide to use via a 3m stickie.

When it comes to this wall mount accessory, we personally do not have any affinity for it. We get annoyed looking at our iPhone that sits near vertical. Because of that we had to think long and hard to figure out where we would place the wall mount. We settled on putting it in the kitchen, at eye level, right beside the fridge.

flip wallet

The flip wallet is now our goto wallet case. In general, weʼve found that wallet cases, like tempered glass screen protectors are a dime a dozen. Your $3  Alibaba case and $25 Spigen case are going to be very similar.

Our biggest gripe with wallet cases is the inability to use our iPhone easily when we donʼt need the wallet like when at home. Our ex-favourite case, UOLO 2 in 1 Wallet Folio Case solved this problem by having a separate case for the iPhone and having it attach magnetically to the wallet.

Mousʼs flip wallet case operates in the same manner of the UOLO 2 in 1 Wallet Folio Case but has three noticeable features that set it apart. The first is the elastic in the middle of the case that allows you to carry cash or store receipts easily.

UOLO 2 in 1 Wallet Folio Case

Instead of tucking everything in the large pocket, you can have it sit in the middle of the case for easier access. The second noticeable feature is the large pocket which has a bit of slack which improves the access to the large pocket. The third feature is the card slot on the back of the wallet which is great for chip cards. Honestly, we’re not sure why this is the first time weʼve seen this kind of feature but simple things like having a card slot on the back just make using your iPhone easier.

The wallet costs $49 and can hold 4 cards and cash. The wallet is made from real leather with cotton stitching. Just make sure you have a firm grip on the actual device when youʼre using it with the cover flipped over. Thereʼs been a few instances where our iPhone X has fallen out of the wallet while using it in this manner.

Mous Limitless 2.0 Review- Mous Limitless hammer time

card wallet

The card wallet is a little handier than your average card wallet. The auto-align system means that you can use this accessory when you want to, unlike some of the more permanent solutions weʼve seen. The card wallet also has a washable sticky that reduces the chance of accidental removal. It also does not come off during a 5 ft drop.

The card wallet can hold 2 cards or 1 card and cash and is made from genuine leather as well. We can see this being useful for people with RFID tags for work or for transit passes. Most companies would have stopped at the magnets but Mous goes one step further and adds the washable sticky.

We know Mous is working on a couple more accessories so we’re excited to see what else they come up in the near future.

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We didnʼt have any issues using our iPhone in the Mous Limitless 2.0. 

Overall, we would use the word subtle to describe the Mous Limitlessʼs handling. The grip works very well but isnʼt in your face like the Speck Presidio Grip. The finish on the edges of the case has enough texture that our generally dry hands can still hold onto the case easily. The oversized corners sit well in our palms which improves the handling of your iPhone in one hand.

The improved handling also comes from the thin center of the case as it sits almost flushed with the screen protector. Your fingers never spend a lot of time near the thicker parts of the case. This feature also allows you to pick up your iPhone easier when itʼs face down.

The cutouts at the bottom of the case are large enough for oversized cable heads and wonʼt get in the way of a dock. The camera cutout has a nice shallow edge to it with a matte finish which means it wonʼt have any negative effect on your flash photography.

There are two minor things that we didnʼt really like but they are not deal breakers. The first thing are the buttons. The buttons seem squishier than other cases that weʼve used. There is no pop to the buttons but thatʼs our personal preference when it comes to cases.

When it comes to the screen protector, Mous includes a “free” plastic triple layered screen protector made from polycarbonate, TPU and silicon. Mous includes the usual installation tools of dust stickers, wipes and microfibre cloth which is expected.

If you want to install this screen protector well, make sure you do it with your smartphone screen on so that you can gauge the overlap. Mousʼs screen protector extends past the viewable area of the iPhone X which reduces the potential breakage along the screen protector edge.

We love that they included a screen protector with their product but the plastic screen protector does have a sharp edge. This isn’t unique to Mous’s product as every plastic screen protector we’ve used has a sharp edge. Thatʼs the second thing we donʼt really like.

The sharp edges wonʼt be as noticeable on an iPhone 8 or older but you will notice it on the iPhone X. The iPhone X is a swipe heavy device so you will feel that edge every time you swipe. 

The screen protector feels incredibly smooth. The polycarbonate cover on top of the screen protector is actually quite nice and almost feels like glass when you first install it. However, it doesn’t have a strong oleophobic coating so fingerprints will become quite visible.

And like every other plastic screen protector weʼve used, the screen protector will show scratches over times. Keys and coins will leave a mark if pressed hard enough, which is something that wouldn’t happen with the average glass screen protector.

The issues with the squishy buttons and sharp screen protector edges are minor things. Weʼve only noticed them because weʼve used a ton of cases and screen protectors over the last 6 years. We’re being very picky when we’re pointing out these two things. 

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When we did the drop tests, we’re a little bit worried since our first review of Mous Limitless didn’t go that well. During our first review, we dropped an iPhone 7 face first from about 5 ft onto the sidewalk in front of our house and the screen broke. We then went and dropped an iPhone 6s from about 5 ft onto a completely flat concrete pad and it broke. 

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For our Mous Limitless 2.0 Review, we dropped the case with an iPhone X in it over 4 dozen times. Some of the drops where done in the mall while two of the drops were above 13 ft. The result of the drops was the screen getting slightly scratched. But the scratch was only due to an unlucky drop between the screen protector and case edge. Aside from that damage,  the speaker area also got scuffed up a bit and the biggest piece of damage was internal as the rear-facing camera doesnʼt work.

The camera broke on the 13 ft drops which is a height no normal person is really going to put their iPhone through. And hereʼs a little secret, since there isnʼt external damage on the camera, Apple will probably replace the device free of charge.

The screen protector on the last drop we did basically took the brunt of the impact, But the screen still works. The screen protector is a little beat up like the rest of the case but after witnessing that drop, who cares?

Mous Limitless 2.0 Review- Mous Limitless drop test 13 meter

We just want to be clear so you know how awesome Mous Limitless 2.0 is. There are very few cases that will keep the iPhone X safe. The Ghostek Nautical’s screen died after three normal drops. The Utomic Edges also has the same story. The Mous Limitless, on the other hand, was still fine after 48 drops.

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Mous Limitless Vs Rhinoshield SolidSuit

Out of all the cases weʼve used in the last while, there is only one case that comes close to the level of the Mous Limitless 2.0 and thatʼs the Rhinoshield SolidSuit.

Both Mous Limitless 2.0 and Rhinoshield SolidSuit use custom materials in their cases. Both are also tough and both come in unique finishes.

The Mous Limitless is thicker at the corners than the Rhinoshield SolidSuit but thickness is about equal when you compare the center of the case. The texture on the Mous Limitless is better as weʼve found the Rhinoshield SolidSuit to be a little slick at times. The slickness could be offset by the wrist strap attachment point on the Rhinoshield SolidSuit, something the Limitless does not have.

Rhinoshield SolidSuit

The buttons on the Rhinoshield SolidSuit work much better and retain the pop that we personally prefer. Again, the customization that Rhinoshield SolidSuit offers is one of its standout features. The dark grey, microfibre backed, yellow buttoned case is still one of our favourite covers for the iPhone X because of how it looks. The modular camera system on the Rhinoshield SolidSuit also allows you to attach several different lenses to it which makes the case a iPhoneographerʼs dream.

However, if you donʼt need the extra camera lens, go with the Mous Limitless 2.0. The magnets on the back of the case are going to offer way more flexibility than the Rhinoshield SolidSuit if youʼre willing to pay for the accessories. The flip wallet is honestly that good.

When it comes to protection, we have way more confidence in the Mous Limitless 2.0 than the Rhinoshield SolidSuit for the following reasons:

  • The Mous Limitless 2.0 is more rigid. Itʼs going to offer more face first drop protection
  • The oversized corners of the Mous Limitless 2.0 add extra protection to the iPhoneʼs screen, there is more clearance on the Mous Limitless 2.0 than the Rhinoshield SolidSuit.

The last thing to look at is price. The Mous Limitless 2.0 will run you $50  and it comes with “free” screen protector. The Rhinoshield SolidSuit by itself is $35 dollars and the impact protection screen protector can be added for $20 bucks. With that addition both products are priced at a similar level. Unless Mous decides to bump the price back up to $99 dollars which would be awful. We’re not sure the case is worth $100 dollars.

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