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Native Union Review – CLIC Wooden and CLIC Marble iPhone 6s cases (Video Review)

Some of the fanciest cases we’ve used for the iPhone 6s


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Native Union Review – CLIC Wooden and CLIC Marble – What? The case has a slab of marble on it?

Native Union CLIC Review TableThe CLIC Wooden and CLIC Marble are two fancy cases from Native Union. They are slim, attractive iPhone cases that like most attractive things in this world, aren’t terrible practical at areas.

The CLIC Wooden has a piece of American hardwood attached to the back, and the CLIC marble has a 0.3mm slice of solid stone attached to the back of the case. Native Union was awesome enough to send us two cases to use, and we’ve fallen in love with the marble variant.

For our Native Union Review, the CLIC Wooden and Marble both received scores of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. They probably should score a little higher as our system doesn’t have a section titled “making your iPhone by using marble”. The biggest downfall of these cases is the lack of protection they provide for your iPhone. If you’re looking for other fancy cases, check out this post or click here if you’re looking for the best iPhone accessories.


Design – Feels better built than other wooden iPhone cases?

Native Union CLIC Marble - Fancy casesIn terms of design, the iPhone sits in a soft rubber coated shell that is very “grippy”. The entire case is quite thin but the back of the case is a little thicker which off-balances the protection it offers the screen. The rubbery part of the case wears well and is quite resilient to scratching.

The marble on the back of the CLIC Marble case did crack during our usage period, but none of the pieces fell off the back of the case. In fact, you have to look hard to see the tiny cracks in the marble. We didn’t have any issues regarding normal wear/tear with the wood version of the case.

When compared to similar cases, we will say that the Native Union cases are of higher quality as the different parts of the case fit tighter than other cases from Carved and LAX. The Native Union cases do not look like the cheap plastic case with a piece of wood glued to it.


Protection – It covers the iPhone…that’s about it.

Native Union CLIC Marble - Low protection for screenFor protection, the Native Union cases offer your iPhone a level of protection that is essentially one-tiny step above a naked iPhone. The thinness of the case compromises any screen protection since the edges of the case do not extend past the iPhone so using this case with a screen protector is definitely recommended. The cases fits the iPhone well but the buttons and ports are fully exposed

Functionality – No issues here!

Native Union CLIC Marble - Build QualityGetting to the iPhone in both cases is a breeze since nothing is covered up but the rubber texture on the case definitely adds to the iPhone when using it in one hand.

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