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Need a sophisticated case? Get a Moshi iPhone Case! Moshi Kameleon, Napa, iGlaze and Overture Review – iPhone 7 Cases (and 7 Plus)

Your iPhone is going to love being in a Moshi case!

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Moshi Napa
Moshi iGlaze
Moshi Overture
Moshi Kameleon


Moshi Kameleon, Napa, iGlaze and Overture Review – Pick the right case!

We’re big fan of Moshi cases. They’re one of the few companies that can label their products as “premium” and we believe them. Out of this grouping of cases, Aaron prefer’s the Moshi Kameleon and the Overture. In fact, the Overture is one of the top wallet cases you can get for the iPhone 7 and the Kameleon breaks the Top 10 for slim iPhone 7 cases.

We’re quite disappointed with the Moshi iGlaze as it doesn’t handle well. The same could be said for the Moshi Napa but the vegan leather on the case makes up for the slickness. The Napa will “class” up your iPhone which is great.

Moshi Napa, iGlaze, Kameleon and Overture Review Table

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For our Moshi Kameleon Review, we’ve given this case a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. The full-wallet replacement Moshi Overture, receives a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5. The Moshi Napa receives a a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5 and the iGlaze 3.6 Eh’s out of 5. If you want to know how all these cases stack up against each other, check out the Top 10 lists for wallet cases and slim cases. Moshi is Aaron’s wife’s favourite case brand. We’ll tell you why at the bottom of the review.

Get these Moshi iPhone 7 Cases on Amazon
Moshi Napa
Moshi iGlaze
Moshi Overture
Moshi Kameleon

Moshi iGlaze Review – Handles like a wet bar of soup

So let’s get started with the Moshi iGlaze which we gave a score of 3.6. Out of these 4 cases, this is our least favourite case. Mostly because it handles like a wet bar of soap. The back of the case is very slick which doesn’t help one-handed usage one bit. The slick back also causes the case to slide around like a wet bar of soap. On a positive note, the case does have a cutout on the back to help with handling.

The case is quite thin, in fact every Moshi case in this list other than the Overture is thinner than the average case.

The Moshi iGlaze (and every Moshi case in this video) is drop-rated to Mil-STD 810g though Moshi doesn’t specify the height so we’re assuming 4ft drop protection. The edges of the case are high enough to keep the screen off a flat surface. The Moshi cases will mostly likely fit an edge-to-edge screen protector as the iPhone in the pictures has an Evolutive Labs 9H tempered glass screen protector attached to it.

Accessing the iPhone in the case is great. The buttons are easy to access through the case, port cutouts can fit large cables and the camera or flash isn’t blocked by the case.


Moshi Napa Review – Add’s a bit of class to your iPhone

From our perspective, the Moshi Napa is basically a Moshi iGlaze with a leather back. Basically anything we said about the iGlaze is going to apply to the Napa. Which means general access to your iPhone in the case is great. The buttons are easy to access through the case, port cutouts can fit large cables and the camera or flash isn’t blocked by the case.

For our Moshi Napa Review, we gave this case a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. The Napa is slightly thicker than the iGlaze due to the addition of a microfibre cloth on the inside of the case and the vegan leather back. If you’re iPhone could talk, it would tell you how comfortable it is in the Moshi Napa.

The biggest difference with the Napa is the vegan leather back. The Napa handles much better than the iGlaze as the leather back has more texture. This added texture helps with the one-handed and general usage of the case. The Napa won’t slide around as easily as the iGlaze.

The only other thing to add is that the polycarbonate shell may chip during a drop. We haven’t seen many cases chip as the average case will deform.


Moshi Kameleon Review – The kickstand is a handy feature.

Onto the Kameleon, which is basically a Moshi Napa that comes with a kickstand. The addition of the kickstand brings the case score over 4 which is hallowed territory within our scoring system. In fact, if we were to update our Top 10 list for slim cases, the Kameleon would be around #8 right now.

The Kameleon feels like a premium case. Everything feels and looks great. Basically everything we’ve said for the Napa and iGlaze regarding protection and general design applies to the Kameleon.

The Kameleon is one of the best feeling cases that we’ve used. Moshi doesn’t state if the back is vegan  leather or not but it feels it. It has a bit of give and has a nice texture to it. The kickstand has a nice click to it and is fairly stable even in portrait mode but a tap may cause it to fall over. Kickstand stability is better on the smaller iPhone.

We like how Moshi integrated the kickstand in the look of the case as the larger kickstand definitely helps with the versatility of the case. We prefer this large kickstand over the smaller ones you’d find on Spigen cases. During our review period, Aaron noticed that he would use the kickstand to help with the one-handed usage for the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

If you use your iPhone’s to binge watch Netflix or do a lot of video conferencing, you need the Moshi Kameleon.

Moshi Overture – One of the best wallet cases for the iPhone 7

Onto the Moshi Overture which is #2 in our Top 10 Wallet cases for the iPhone 7. The Moshi Overture is a full wallet replacement as it can fit several cards, cash and a RFID card. Our only gripe with this wallet case is that the wallet doesn’t stay together. Why does this matter? In the event of a bad drop, there is a chance that your iPhone’s screen is going to get damaged since the entire case opens up.

So do you drop your wallet a lot? If so, you might want to look at a different wallet case.

Before we get all starry-eyed about the Overture, the last thing we will say (and this goes for most folio cases) is that taking pictures is a bit of a hassle since you have to open up the entire wallet in order to access the camera.

Now what do we like about the Overture? The Moshi Overture is one of the few folio cases that allows you to access the volume buttons through the spine of case. Handy for those who have the Apple AirPods and don’t use Siri to change the volume.

Moshi Overture vs Uolo 2 in 1 vs Spigen Wallet SThe vegan leather used on the case feels nice. Even though it isn’t real leather, it has a premium feel to it. Which is something we can’t say for the Spigen Wallet Case or even the UOLO 2-in-1 wallet.

From a protection standpoint, the Moshi Overture does cover the entire edge of the iPhone despite having a flappy cover. The edges of the case extend past the screen, even with a screen protector. We were thinking the high edges of the wallet case might interfere with the flash but it doesn’t.

The wallet case can also be used as a kickstand though it isn’t as slick as the Kameleon. It will still suffice while you binge watch Netflix. The neatest thing about the Overture is the reusable microfibre cloth. Even though it is small, it is very handy in giving the iPhone screen a quick clean.


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Looking to get a premium iPhone case? Definitely check out what Moshi has to offer. They are one of our favourite case manufacturers when it comes to nice, functional iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases!
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