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Never run out of space again – Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smartcase review

A perfect solution for those who run into iPhone battery and storage problem

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Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smartcase review – This is a cool case

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Quickly, what are two things that bother you about the iPhone 7. Did any of you think about the battery life and the tiny storage on your iPhone? If so, you definitely need to get the Kuke by Kuner cases. It comes with a spare battery and has a slot for a MicroSD card. This is the best product for people who need lots of space to store whatever they need to store!

We’ll be honest with you, the Kuner Kuke is one of the coolest things we’ve used for the iPhone lately. We’d put it up there with the AirPods in terms of usefulness. However, despite all these extra features, there’s a couple of things that we found to be a bit lacking and accessing the Micro-SD card is finicky.

For our Kuner Kuke review, we gave this case a score of 4.0 Ehs out of 5. The Kuner Kuke scores just a bit higher than the regular Apple Smart Battery case and the Mophie Juice Pack Air. The Kuke isn’t as tough as the other cases but the extra functionality offsets that poor protection.

Get the Kuner Kuke Smartcase Now!

Design – Almost gets away as a slim case

Slim for a battery case - Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smart Case ReviewFor design, the Kuke smart case is smaller and slimmer than the Apple Smart Battery case. Due to the reduced size, it weights quite a bit less than the Apple product. Installation of the case is simple as you peel the top back and slide the iPhone in. Also, the Kuner Kuke will work with skins.

The Kuke’s top flap isn’t very rigid and exposes the top of the iPhone 7. This will lead to potential protection issues.

The thickness of this case is average at 13mm’s (for a battery case) but it is slimmer than the other battery cases we’ve reviewed. The entire case is quite rubbery though it doesn’t have the same grip as the Apple Smart Battery case but will still prevent your iPhone from sliding around. The case wears well over time though it will become a magnet for pocket lint and dust.

Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smart Case ReviewFurthermore, the Kuke felt quite slick at first but the grip improved a day later. We’re guessing that there was a film on the food grade silicone used in the case that had to come off.


Protection – About as protective as a wet tissue

Top Lip - Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smart Case ReviewProtection is where the Kuke falls on it’s face. We don’t think it will offer your iPhone much drop protection and there is a greater chance for dust and debris to be caught between the iPhone and case resulting in scratches. Screen protection is minimal as well as an iPhone with a screen protector will extend past the edges of the case so if you are planning on getting this, make sure you get a screen protector.


Functionality – iPhone Access

We didn’t have any issues accessing the iPhone inside the Kuke Smartcase. Buttons are easy to press and the iPhone can be synced through the case although you have to go through an extra step of telling the case to sync the iPhone.

The Kuke case uses a Lightning cable connection which simplifies the usage of the case on a daily basis. Therefore you can use  your Lightning headphones with the case which is great.

The Kuke’s battery pack

Functionality is where the Kuke shines. The battery portion of the case isn’t special as it will provide over 50% extra power to the iPhone, the charge doesn’t show up in the battery widget and it uses four LED’s to show you what the battery charge is.

You can check the stats of the battery using Kuner’s Smartcase app.

The charge rate coming from the battery case isn’t average as it would take approx. 3 hours for us to charge the iPhone 100%. The battery pack was empty after 90 minutes of charging which makes sense. We will note that the case does get warm while going through it’s charging/discharge cycles.

The Micro SD expansion slot with a computer

Extra Storage Space - Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smart Case ReviewThe coolest part of the case is the expansion slot. Why? Because the case can take a Micro-SD with sizes up to 256 GB which is awesome. Installing the Micro-SD card is quite simple but the entire setup does feel flimsy so you have to be gender with it.

Accessing the Micro-SD card is simple once you’ve done it once. We were expecting to be able to plug our iPhone into a computer and have it show up. But you still need to access Kuner’s own app to tell the case what to do. Once the proper options is selected, our MacBook Pro just recognized the Micro-SD card as a normal drive. You can access all the contents of the disk and even load more data onto the disk. As a side note, you can access the card, in the case without having an iPhone installed.

The Micro SD expansion slot with the iPhone 7

Software is lacking - Kuner Kuke iPhone 7 Smart Case ReviewUsing the Micro-SD card on the iPhone isn’t as slick as we thought it would be. Everything you do needs to be done through Kuner’s app which you have to download from the App store. You can shoot video and photos directly to the case which is handy or you can import (basically duplicates) videos from your camera roll.

In addition to capturing videos and photos, you can easily copy over any sort of MP4 or music onto the card. The video and music files can be played on the iPhone so you can skip the step of trying to load your videos into iTunes and then your iPhone.

Our most noteworthy gripe when it comes to the storage portion of the case is the Kuner Smart Case app. It feels very rough. Certain things are misspelled, the UI doesn’t seem that user friendly but it gets the job done. The english translations mirror the poor translation on the website which makes use a bit weary of the product. But that’s just us.


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Never run out of storage on your iPhone!
Never run out of storage on your iPhone!

A review on the Kuner Kuke Smartcase. This product comes with a spare battery and a Micro-SD expansion slot. We're guessing that you'll never run out of power or storage on your iPhone ever again!

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