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New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review – iPhone 6 (s+)


It’s thin but how tough is it really? Great price though!

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New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review – Slim and tough? Too good to be true?

Today we’re going to review the Trentium Ultra Slim-Rugged case for the iPhone 6 (s+)’s. As the name suggests, it’s slim, and it is rugged so theoretically you’re getting the best of both worlds but are you?

This case is unique as New Trent includes several different colored backplates so you can easily match the back to the color of your iPhone. The Ultra Slim-Rugged claims to offer full protection for your iPhone but how water resistant/dust resistant do you think your iPhone is when you can never close the port cover?

Based on our time with this iPhone case, we’ve given it a score of 3.4 Eh’s out of 5. Theis a slim case but we do question how tough it is since it is not drop-rated, and the ports get a little annoying over time. This case doesn’t fare as well as the Ballistic Hardcore and Griffin Survivor Summit, so if you’re looking for a real tough case, we’d recommend checking those out. Looking for different cases? Check out all the tough iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed!


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Design – Thin and light for a rugged case

New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review - Build Quality

New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review – Build Quality

Regarding design, the Trentium Ultra Slim-Rugged case is slim and light. In fact, it’s just a hair thicker than iPhone cases we consider slim such as the Magpul Field case, the Rhinoshield CrashGuard, and the Thule Atmos X4. Installation of the case is pretty straight forward but taking it off is pretty tough. The case feels well built though the removable plates may snap easily. Our time with the case didn’t reveal anything alarming regarding extended use other than the issues with the ports.


Protection – Its “rugged”. What does that mean?

New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review - Port Covers

New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review – Port Covers

Regarding protection, as we said earlier, the Ultra Slim-Rugged case isn’t drop-rated. New Trent just says its tough and from our perspective, given the size of the case and the price, we wouldn’t drop this iPhone case any higher than waist height.

For water protection, if the entire case is buttoned up, the Ultra Slim-Rugged case is going to be quite water resistant but on our review case, the headphone and Lightning port covers were tough to close and eventually Aaron stopped trying to close them. The mute switch cover is also tough to deal as you can see in the video. Because of these semi-exposed portions of the iPhone, we feel that the case isn’t as water resistant.

The screen protector seems fairly thick so it will provide decent impact protection. There are some viewability issues that we’ve elaborated below.


Functionality – What to do with those port covers?

New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review - Rainbowing

New Trentium 6L Ultra-thin Rugged Case Review – Rainbowing

Regarding accessing your iPhone, there isn’t any issue with the buttons as the 6 version of the case fit the 6s as well. The only problem with access deals with closing the port covers that we discussed above. The sound coming from the iPhone is bearable and the TouchID works through the Touch ID film.

There are no issues concerning screen functionality, but the viewability of the is a little poorer due to the occasional rainbowing effect and fingerprint smearing from the plastic screen protector.


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