Nodus Access Case Review – iPhone 6/iPad Air


An iPhone Suction Cup case?

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Today we’re going to do a review of a couple of cases for the iPad Air and iPhone 6 by a company called Nodus. These are basically portfolio style cases that don’t use stickers, velcro or straps to keep everything together. Your devices stay inside these case through the use of micro suction technology.

These leather iPhone cases will definitely add a bit of class to to your devices. We’re definitely sold on the iPhone version of the case but there’s usability issue with the iPad version that we’re not a big fan of. We’re definitely going out of way to recommend the Access case for the iPhone 6 due to the design and the unique manner in which the iPhone is attached to the case.


Design – Slim and classy

Nodus Access Case Review - Better than adhesives, just remember to clean once in a whileIn terms of design, these are fairly low profile leather cases. There is an outer leather exterior with a micro-fibre inset. Unlike other leather accessories that we’ve seen, the stitching is pretty solid and the entire case is very well built. Nodus’s Access case wears as well as any leather case does as the initial period will showcases scratches very easily but wore better over time.

The micro suction technology found on this case works well. According to Nodus, the pads on their cases contain millions of microscopic suction cups which grip to a device by forming millions of partial vacuums. These micro suction pads are a little more user friendly when compared to adhesive based cases as they’re not sticky to your hand. They can handle a bit of grease before needing to be cleaned which is quite simple as all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth.


Protection – The suction keeps the case together

Nodus Access Case Review - Micro Suction Technology!While using this iPhone case for our Nodus Access Case Review, we discovered that the Access cases will fare better than some portfolio style cases if dropped. The suction pad generally stays on the iPhone so it won’t flay apart on a day-to-day basis.

With that being said, there ins’t much protecting the edges of your iPhone which is a downside of this style of case but it sits far enough in the portfolio that dropping the case on its edge won’t be an issue. Despite this shortcoming, we prefer the Nodus Access case over cradle-based portfolio cases such as the 12 South Book Book.


Functionality – Where are the magnets for the iPad case?

Nodus Access Case Review - Classy, slim iPhone/iPad CasesIn terms of functionality, we wouldn’t consider this a wallet iPhone case as the capacity of the pocket on the iPhone version of the case isn’t large. The most you’ll get out of the pocket is may 1-2 cards or several business cards. You could pack more into the pocket but then the suction pad on the cover of the case doesn’t have enough area to make a solid connection with the iPhone so it’ll flap open easier. The iPad Air case, though similarly designed, doesn’t look like it was meant to keep much in terms of the sleeve.

When taking a call with the iPhone version of the Access case, there is a bend on the iPhone version which allows you to crumple the case together which works and looks better than trying to talk to a tiny book. We feel this is a bit safer than showcasing everybody the contents of your iPhone case (look at all the money!).

Now at the beginning of the review, we mentioned that we liked the iPhone case better than the iPad version. We feel that the iPad version needs to incorporate some of the magnets found on other cases. One of the best things about the smart covers that Apple provides is the ability to put the iPad to sleep when you close the case.

Other case manufacturers have included magnets into the case which is nice but this is missing from the Nodus Access case for the iPad. Generally, the Access case works well with the iPad but we really missed being able to put our iPads to sleep.

And finally, the Nodus Access case provides your iPad with hands free viewing which is handy.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael.Corber

    June 8, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    WARNING: Nodus Collection – Do not deal with this company! They mis-handled my credit card payment and the communication concerning my order. Then they sent me a product that did not match what is shown on the website. And then to top it all off I am stuck for the cost of returning the product to them. Caveat emptor

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