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Optrix XD5 Drop Test – Tough iPhone Cases

Can this case survive a 30 ft drop test? It’s suppose to but does it? We take the Optrix XD5 to the limit!

This is one of the toughest iPhone cases that we’ve come across as it’s waterproof and shockproof to depths/heights of 33ft. The main benefit of this case is to turn your iPhone 5 or 5S into an action sports camera. With the new slow-motion footage option on the iPhone 5S, the Optrix XD5 will allow you to capture footage similar to that of a GoPro.

In terms of shock protection, the case is rated to be droppable from 30ft. The Optrix XD5 is the toughest case, on paper, that we’ve come across so we were a little excited to see if the case could survive a 30ft drop. We can safely say that it can as our Optrix XD5 drop test has shown. However, on Optrix’s website, there’s a video that shows an Optrix XD4 being driven over by a truck so we figure that we try that with a car. The phone ended up bending in the case but the case suffered no damage. With all things considered, even with the bent iPhone, I’d have to say that the Optrix XD5 does protect the iPhone.

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