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Want to pay money to damage your iPhone 6? Find out how in our Otterbox Commuter Review

[toggle title=”Watch the Otterbox Symmetry Review on YouTube”][/toggle] Looking for a slim case that protects your iPhone 6? You may consider the Otterbox Commuter but we’d recommend that you go with a Otterbox Symmetry. The Otterbox Commuter seems like it was rushed out the door because it is just a really awful iPhone case.

With all of our reviews, we try say something good about each case but the only good thing that we have to say about the Commuter is that it won’t get in the way of accessing your iPhone 6 but since this is a slim case, you’d expect that to be a normal thing. It also comes with a screen protector, that doesn’t really fit the iPhone 6.

Now, how about the bad things? Well, the rubber sleeve is pretty loose so dust and debris is going to get caught between the iPhone and the Commuter. Which results in your beautiful iPhone 6 being scratched up by the very thing that’s suppose to be protecting it. Seriously Otterbox?

Based on our time with the case, we gave it a score of 3.4 Eh’s out of 5. We don’t recommend this case at all.Looking for a similar case? Check out the Otterbox Symmetry!

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$34.95 USD
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Top Buy Buttons
- One of the first cases available for the iPhone 6
- Provides 2 layers of protection
- The Otterbox Commuter does not fit together well. Gaps between the rubber sleeve and plastic shell
- Rubber sleeve sits loosely on the iPhone
- Included screen protector will easily peel from the rounded corners of the iPhone 6
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
Potential Problems:
- Rubber sleeve on the Otterbox Commuter is going to stretch out even more over time which will allow dust to get between the case and your iPhone
- Plugs at the bottom of the sleeve may eventually fall off
Design Rating
(Otterbox Commuter)
Weight/Bulk/InstallationWeight/Bulk/Install (3/5):
- Doubles the thickness of your iPhone 6
- Will add approx. 1/4 inch around the entire iPhone
- Flaps at the bottom require a bit of fidgeting to align
Build QualityBuild Quality (2.75/5):
- Case does not fit well together. Substantial gaps between the rubber sleeve and the plastic casing
- Cut outs at the bottom of the Commuter look carelessly cut - Sleeve does not fit the iPhone 6 well
Protection Rating
(Otterbox Commuter)
General ProtectionGeneral Protection (2/5):
- The Otterbox Commuter does provide 2 layers of protection for your iPhone 6
- Loose rubber sleeves means dust/debris will get into the case which will scratch your iPhone 6
- Case isn't drop rated but Otterbox says it will protect your iPhone from drops - Edges of the case extend approx. 1/4 past the screen providing a bit of screen protection
Functionality Rating
(Otterbox Commuter)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (4.5/5):
- Able to access all buttons on the iPhone 6
- Confusing headphone jack cover (not cut properly)
- Able to use larger headphone jacks as the bumper along the bottom is quite flexible
Screen FunctionalityScreen Functionality (4.5/5):
- The Otterbox Commuter does not get in the way of viewing/accessing your iPhone's touchscreen
Bottom Purchase Buttons

Design – The Otterbox Commuter, could have spent more time at the drawing board

Loose-Rubber-Sleeve-Otterbox-Commuter-ReviewThe Otterbox Commuter for the iPhone 6 will double the thickness of your device which seems odd to us given that this is suppose to be a slimmer case for the iPhone 6. On top of that, it will add 1/4 inch around the entire iPhone 6 but it is quite easy to install.

It will add a bit of weight to your iPhone 6 as well, a little more than the Otterbox Symmetry and it handles a bit better as the edges of the Commuter follow the same roundness as the iPhone 6, something doesn’t occur on the Symmetry.

During our test period for the Otterbox Commuter Review, we were appalled at the build quality of the slim iPhone case. The rubber sleeve is fairly loose as it doesn’t even sit on the face of the iPhone. The cutouts for the mic don’t quite align as parts of the headphone jack are exposed. Given that the point of the headphone jack cover is to protect it from debris, why does the cutout expose 1/2 of the headphone jack?

To add to the poor build quality, the plastic backing and the rubber sleeve don’t line up well. It would not be too far fetched to have the top of the Otterbox Commuter get caught on something in your back or pockets.

The nail in the coffin is the screen protector that is included with the Commuter as it doesn’t fit the iPhone’s touch screen too well. The screen protector extends slightly past the rounded edges of your iPhone so it looks like the screen protector is starting to peel back.


Protection – The Otterbox Commuter provides 2 layers of protection. Most of the time…

Poor-Quality-Screen-Protector-Otterbox-Commuter-ReviewAccording to Otterbox, the Commuter provides two layers of protection for your iPhone 6 except in the areas where there is only one layer. One these areas are the top corners of the iPhone which is, in our opinion, a place where a shattered screen is going to happen.

Because of the poor build quality, the rubber sleeve is going to allow dust and debris to get into the back of the case which over time, will result in the debris scratching your iPhone 6. Its a little ironic isn’t it? The 50 dollar accessory that is going to slowly degrade your $700 dollar iPhone?

The case isn’t drop rated so we’re not going to do a drop test with it but we do see the Otterbox Commuter providing enough protection from day-to-day drops. Just make sure you take it apart and clean out all the debris from the case before using it again.

We will add that the Otterbox Commuter provides decent screen protector as it does extend approx. 1/4 inch past the iPhone’s touchscreen and it does include a screen protector that doesn’t fit that you can install.


Functionality – The only good thing about the Otterbox Commuter

Decent-Access-to-iphone-6-Otterbox-CommuterThis is the best part of the Otterbox Commuter as it doesn’t really get in the way of the functionality of your iPhone 6. You can easily access all the hardware functions of the case as well as the Touch ID sensor.

The only thing that we’ll note about the Otterbox Commuter is that you might try to wedge your headphones into your iPhone without prying open the cover. You can’t, we tried.

Even with the high edges, the Otterbox Commuter doesn’t get in the way of viewing or accessing the touchscreen of the iPhone 6, even with the screen protector installed.

As you can tell from our Otterbox Commuter Review, we aren’t impressed with it. Again, take your money and spend it on a different case. If you really want an Otterbox case, check out the Otterbox Symmetry or the Defender.


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