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Find out why this case isn’t great for one-handed iPhone users in our Otterbox Symmetry Review

[toggle title=”Watch the Otterbox Symmetry Review on YouTube”][/toggle]Looking for a slim case for your iPhone 6? The Otterbox Symmetry case for the iPhone 6 will definitely hold you over until more case manufacturer’s come out with their iPhone 6 products. We’ve got three Otterbox iPhone 6 cases (the Defender, Symmetry and Commuter) and out of these three cases, we have to give our hat tip to the Otterbox Symmetry. It feels like a solid case, especially when compared to the equivalently priced Otterbox Commuter but with that said, I struggled a bit with the case when using it with one hand. I’ll elaborate on that in a bit.

Based on our time with the case, we gave it a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. It’s a case that fits the iPhone 6 well, is fairly affordable but will add a bit of bulk to the iPhone 6 and needs a bit more rubber on the back of the case.

For this Otterbox Symmetry review, we spent a reasonable amount of time with the case before rating it. With these slim cases, they’re pretty simple and we don’t do much to them especially if they’re not drop rated. I do have to hand it to Otterbox though, I received all the cases I ordered 2 days before the iPhone 6 was released.

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 Otterbox Symmetry
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Full Review
$39.90 USD
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Top Buy Buttons
- Fits the iPhone 6 fairly well
- Much better than the Otterbox Commuter
- Thick for being a slim case
- A little tougher to get to your iPhone's button
- Makes the iPhone feel bigger than it actually is
- Will easily slide off a table as the back of the case isn't rubbery
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
- None that we can think of
Design Rating
(Otterbox Symmetry)
Weight/Bulk/InstallationWeight/Bulk/Install (3/5):
- More than doubles the thickness of your iPhone 6
- Will add approx. 1/4 inch around the entire iPhone
- Makes the iPhone 6 noticeably heavier
Build QualityBuild Quality (3.5/5):
- The Otterbox Symmetry fits well together
- the rubber around the buttons tends to move quite a bit when pressed
- The slickness of the back makes the iPhone 6 feel less stable when used with one hand
Protection Rating
(Otterbox Symmetry)
General ProtectionGeneral Protection (3/5):
- Will not protect your iPhone 6 from dust
- Case isn't drop rated but Otterbox says it will protect your iPhone from drops
- Edges of the case extend approx. 1/8 past the screen providing a bit of screen protection
Functionality Rating
(Otterbox Symmetry)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (5/5):
- Able to access all buttons on the iPhone 6
- Able to use larger headphone jacks as the bumper along the bottom is quite flexible
- Edges of the case may peel away your screen protector
Screen FunctionalityScreen Functionality (4.5/5):
- The Otterbox Symmetry does not get in the way of viewing/accessing your iPhone's touchscreen
Bottom Purchase Buttons

Design – The Otterbox Symmetry is an slightly above average slim iPhone 6 case

Depth_of_Otterbox_SymmetryThis case will add a bit of bulk to your iPhone 6 which may be a problem for people who really enjoy the design of the new iPhone. It will more than double the thickness as well as adding a 1/4 inch bumper around the entire device. We did notice the additional weight of the case on the iPhone 6.

For the most part, the case is well designed. The plastic back and the rubber inset seem to fit fairly well which is pretty surprising for a Otterbox Product. One of the great things about the Commuter is your ability to customize the colour of your case so if you’re very attached to a set of colors, this case might be for you.

Now we weren’t a big fan of how pliable the rubber around the buttons are. There’s quite a bit of give and it does make the buttons a little harder to use, especially if you’re trying to use your iPhone 6 with one hand.

During our testing period for our Otterbox Symmetry review, we found that the back of the case is very slick so when you’re holding the iPhone 6 in one hand, it feel like it can easily slip out of your hand.


Protection – The Otterbox Symmetry is better than the Otterbox Commuter in terms of protection

Otterbox Symmetry Review - Using it with one handNow according to Otterbox, the Symmetry is one of the slimmest, most protective iPhone 6 cases in its class but like most Otterbox cases, its not rated to any Mil-Spec so take it that statement with a grain of salt.

For our rating system, we take into account how many layers of protection it has, the screen protection, drop protection and drop rating. For the Otterbox Symmetry, the case will keep most debris from entering the case cavity. The edge of the case is raised approx. 1/8 inch so it will offer a bit of protection if you drop it face first.

The Symmetry will allow you to install external screen protectors with the case but be warned, the edges of the case may peel away at the screen protector. We have an Otterbox screen protector installed on our Symmetry and it doesn’t wrap around the rounded glass of the iPhone 6 so where the Symmetry ends is where the screen protector starts so any movement of the case will push on the edge of the screen protector.


Functionality – Use your iPhone 6 like how Jony Ives meant it to be used

iPhone6-access-Otterbox-symmetry-reviewFor our Otterbox Symmetry review, in terms of functionality, the Otterbox Symmetry doesn’t have any negative effects on the usage of your iPhone. The cutouts for the headphone jack and lightning port are large enough that you can easily use non-Apple accessories with the iPhone 6 installed inside the Symmetry.


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