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Otter+Pop Symmetry Series vs Loopy Case Comparison

Are you looking for the best one-handed usage product for your iPhone? Well, it’s going to be an Otter+Pop Symmetry Series vs. Loopy Case showdown. Weʼve been using the Pop Socket and Loopy cases for years but with the introduction of the Otter+Pop, we figure we take a closer look between the two products.

 In this review, we will look at 7 differences of the Otter+Pop and the Loopy case to help you decide which one is best for you!

Otter+Pop Symmetry Series

Loopy/Loopy Max

Loopy Case - The Best Cases for the iPhone X

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At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do tests and use the products in our everyday lives for days even weeks before doing an actual review. We also donʼt shamelessly promote a product unless itʼs actually good. To give you a sense of how long we’ve been using these products, check out our original Loopy review as well our PopSocket from the 2015/16!


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#1 Otter+Pop is better as a stand

The Otter+Pop is a better stand as it has a better angle and is more rigid.

To be fair, the finger loop on the Loopy case also acts as a stand but itʼs a bit lower so the angle isnʼt as conducive for viewing your favourite Netflix show when sitting down. 

#2 Qi-charging works a tiny bit better with the Otter+Pop

You can easily place the Otter+Pop down on a Qi-charger and it will start charging. With the Loopy case, you have to make sure the band is at the right angle or else it ~might not work. Now from a Qi-charging perspective, this shouldnʼt be a deal breaker because the Loopy band getting in the way is such a minor thing.

As a side note Qi-charging is overrated.

#3 The Phone is easier to use in the Loopy

From our perspective, being able to scoop and go with the Loopy is much better than the process of popping the Pop Socket and then grabbing. The extra second may not be an issue for most people but it is noticeable if youʼre comparing the two products together.

 In general, there is one trick with the Loopy that makes your iPhone easier to use over the Otter+Pop and thatʼs the ability to flip your iPhone in your hand. With the Loopy case, you can easily free up your phone hand so that you can do something else and immediately go back to using your phone.

The Otter+Pop canʼt do that. And this feature is extremely useful if youʼre carrying your kid or when youʼre pushing a grocery cart and want your list handy. From our perspective, this ability to flip your iPhone from the back of your hand to the front is the difference maker in our Otter+Pop Symmetry Series vs Loopy Case comparison!

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When it comes to taking photos with our giant phones, the Loopy case is easier to use. Selfies are easier to take. Holding your device in a crowd or arena in the Loopy case ensures that you capture the shot whereas the Otter+Pop still might fall out of your hand.

#4 The Loopy case isnʼt as “hip” as the Pop Socket

The Pop Socket is almost like a cultural phenomenon in our perspective because so many people on Instagram have PopSockets. And PopSockets come in a variety of different colors. And designs. And they offer custom prints if youʼre really into that.

The Loopy case has a ton of different designs but you canʼt just take it off and then put a different one on. Loopy has different bands but itʼs not the same as one with, say, donuts.

#5 The Otter+Pop works better in the car

This might be a deal breaker when it comes to the Loopy case. Itʼs tough to use the case in the car. Most of the car mounts that we have had a hard time compensating for the extra thickness of the band on the back of the Loopy case. The Otterpop is better with 3rd Party mounts or you could spend the extra few bucks and get the actual PopSocket Mount.

 If you spend a lot of time driving, well, youʼll probably lean more towards the Otter+Pop.

#6 The iPhone is easier to carry around with the Loopy

The benefit of the Otter+Pop over a regular Pop Socket is that the Otter+Pop tries to take into account the bulge of the PopSocket which is great. But part of the pop socket still sticks out a bit which means it will get caught on stuff. Mostly on pockets. 

 Loopy case, on the other hand, is pliable enough that it won’t get caught despite looking like it would

#7 The Loopy is going to be tougher. And safer.

First of all, the Loopy doesnʼt slide around. The Otter+Pop will but that will slightly change based on whatever socket you use. 


Second of all, when your finger is in the loop on the Loopy case, your iPhone isnʼt going anywhere. With the Otter+Pop, thereʼs still a chance it might fall out of your hand. Itʼs lower than a normal case but it doesnʼt come close to the Loopy.

Loopy case is also as tough, if not tougher than Otter+Pop. If you get the Loopy Original, itʼs going to give you 4ft worth of drop protection. With the Loopy Max, itʼs going to give you 6ft.


With the Otter+Pop and every other Otterbox case, itʼs certified to Otterboxʼs own drop certification which doesnʼt have an explicit drop height. But at a minimum, the Otter+Pop is going to offer 4ft worth of drop protection from our perspective. Which is 2ft shorter than the Loopy Max

So this is our Otter+Pop Symmetry Series vs Loopy Case Review!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we review!

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