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Peak Design Everyday Case Review – Mountable iPhone 13 Case

The Peak Design Everyday Case  (and loop versions) are average cases. They are slim for a modular iPhone 12/13 cases but are missing certain features that other modular cases have. More in our Peak Design Everyday Case review.

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For our Peak Design Everyday Case Review, we tested both the normal and finger loop versions. One significant difference between the two is the magnetic strength of the finger loop one. The finger loop version isn’t as strong as the normal case due to the finger loop version missing the lower magnets.

Another notable feature we like about Peak Design Everyday Case is its slim design despite being a modular case. Thanks to Peak Design Everyday Case’s SlimLink design, the case is not that bulky compared to the other modular cases like Rokform and Quadlock. If you are wondering, SlimLink is the special cutout at the back that lets you connect to other Peak Design accessories in a mechanical and magnetic way.

The build quality of the Peak Design Everyday Case is also top-notch. The seams on the case are barely noticeable, and the finish on the case edge is just enough. However, the back of the case is quite slick and will slide around easily.

The Peak Design Everyday Case is also compatible with MagSafe. But Peak Design doesn’t follow Apple’s recommended placement of magnets on the case. Peak Design uses four large magnets instead of the ring of small magnets. It generally works, but it feels pretty different from the other MagSafe cases. Thankfully, there isn’t that much of an issue with the magnet.

Personally speaking, the $40 Peak Design Everyday Case isn’t really worthy on its own. There are some accessories that truly made the case worth it for one’s iPhone, but it is not truly a full package that can trump other modular or even normal cases.


There is nothing really significant when it comes to the protection the Peak Design Everyday Case provides. In fact, it doesn’t have any marketing fluff tied to it. It’s just a single layered PC case. It might be able to handle the occasional drop but other than that there is nothing remarkable about it. Which is kinda concerning given the SlimLink system can let you mount it on a bike.

The case also doesn’t really have that much room for the screen protector either. We personally like it if the case is kinda raised so it can protect the screen and/or screen protector better like the Mous cases.


The buttons on the Peak Design Everyday Case are a little tough to use. It also lacks the click of the iPhone’s buttons. But we had no issue with the screen access with the low edges. The cutouts at the bottom of the case also didn’t hamper any sound or port access. The mute switch cutout is a bit small but still usable without having to pick at it. 


Notable Accessories

Wallet Accessory

The wallet accessory coupled with the Peak Design Everyday Case is killer. It is one of the best wallet accessories that we’ve used. The wallet has a card capacity of four and the hinge can be used as a stand for landscape or portrait mode.

However, it is not really that compatible with the finger loop version of the case since the wallet comes off quite easily. Aside from the normal version of the case, the wallet accessory is useless in any other case.


We like the tripod accessory since it is very small and compact. If you use a small Joby tripod, the tripod accessory can easily replace that. It’s just so incredibly handy and minimal. You can mount your iPhone in both landscape and portrait modes. It’s basically a tiny ball head tripod that offers more freedom than Joby tripods.

Slimlink mounting

Peaks mounting system is user-friendly. We were initially worried about the size of the mount and one-handed release but pressing one of the buttons will release both sides which is handy. The magnets on the back of the case help align the mount and there is a satisfying click when you find the right spot on the case and mount. The mounting system is secure enough that we couldn't physically wrangle the mount from the back of the case.

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