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Pitaka iPhone 7 Case Review – Paper light and made from Aramid?

The Pitaka case is one of a kind

Get the Pitaka on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!



Pitaka iPhone 7 Case Review – What an awesome case

The Pitaka is one of the coolest cases we’ve used for the iPhone over the last few years. Most cases are either all TPU or a mix of Polycarbonate and TPU. The Pitaka is made from Aramid (similar to Kevlar) which means the Pitaka is going to be tougher than other ultra thin cases.

If you’re looking for a thin case that offers almost no drop-protection, consider getting a Pitaka. And a screen protector. The Pitaka case is #7 on our Top 10 ultra-thin iPhone 7 case list as the lack of protection means it scores lower than other cases that are less than 2mm thick.

Pitaka Review Table - iPhone 7 Cases

For our Pitaka review, we’ve given this case a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. The lack of protection really hurts the score. However, the lack of protection isn’t a great reason to ignore the Pitaka. Especially if you’re good with your iPhone. We generally quite careful with our devices so we could get away with using the Pitaka and not worry about our iPhone’s breaking.

Get the Pitaka on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!

Design – As thin as an iPhone skin

Minimal Thickness - Pitaka iPhone 7 ReviewWith the Pitaka, there is a good chance that you’ll forget that you have a case on your iPhone. It’s that thin and light. In fact, its one of the very few cases where the case is actually thinner than the iPhone. Which makes the Pitaka closer to a skin than an actual case.

When it comes to width, we measured the Pitaka at 68.3mm’s which is only 1.2 mm wider than the iPhone and it weights 8 grams. This makes a case like the Speck Presidio Clear feel (and look) like a tank.

The iPhone fits the Pitika quite well but the low edges means it will slide around when placed face first. The texture of the great is quite nice as it has a soft-rubber coating to it which means it stays in your hands well but doesn’t pull out your pant pockets.

Potential Damage Area - Pitaka iPhone 7 ReviewOur only warning for the Pitaka design is that you’ll damage the case if you try to remove it from the top of the iPhone. So if you’re a chronic case swapper, start from the bottom and be gentle with power button area.


Protection – It won’t do much

When it comes to protection, there is a good chance that a bunch of wet noodles is going to provide more protection than the Pitaka. The case is so thin that there isn’t a lip for the screen to stay off a flat surface. If you go with this case, definitely get a screen protector (Pitaka also includes a screen protector with the case).

The Pitaka isn’t drop-rated but will prevent your iPhone from getting scuffed up during a corner drop. Again, if you’re good to your iPhone, the protection aspect of the Pitaka isn’t going to matter to you.


Functionality – No problems here!

Very Low Edges - Pitaka iPhone 7 ReviewWe didn’t have any issues accessing the iPhone in the Pitaka. It doesn’t get in the way of any access since it doesn’t really cover much on the device. The only other thing we will point out is that the camera area is raised so you’re iPhone’s lens isn’t scraping whatever surface you’ve placed the device on.

One-handed usage is slightly better than a regular iPhone 7 case but doesn’t hold up to gripper cases like the Speck Presidio.

Again, one of the coolest cases that we’ve used.


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